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  1. Yes that's the one...a really nice compact unit...effects including reverb and a useful compressor for vocals etc. Mine cost about £120 from Fairdeal Music in Midlands.
  2. I think we are in Skiffle territory here...spoons, washboard and single string tea-chest bass. Oh...and somebody like Lonnie Donnegan strumming and singing Leadbelly songs.....!!
  3. Bach actually wrote it for bass guitar (he only lacked the electricity)...it plays direct from the score apart from a couple of low D and C#'s...
  4. Go Telecasters!! I love them and have several...some are even Fenders.....
  5. Walk on the Wild Side...Herbie Flowers(and Lou Reed!!)
  6. Great to see Robert (local man) active and doing interesting things...funny how he made it with the heavy/loud Led Zep but also has genuine folk/accoustic leanings too.
  7. Is that the Peerless factory by any chance?
  8. Some house policies cover individual items up to say £500, but it's worth checking, it will cost more if something is worth 000's. How do you like my unique SG 3 ?
  9. Segovia...for bringing the beauty of Bach and Mozart's music to the guitar for the first time....Randy Rhoads for his hard work and musical virtuosity...
  10. I've heard it reinterpreted on Tenor Sax...that might cut through a bit better...!!
  11. Brit amps like Vox and Laney are great if you like that kind of EL84 tube tone...Fender seems to have purer clean sounds...all depends on the type of music etc
  12. For me Country is a rich source of guitar virtuosity...if I may include Rockabilly too. Chet Atkins influencing George Harrison...my favourite Albert Lee...Brian Setzer...Mark Knopfler...Rolling Stones etc etc.
  13. I'm going for the Gretsch because I love them....
  14. To me 'sell out' means they've sold all the tickets so you can't go to see them because there are no tickets left...unless you turn up on the offchance there are some cancelled tickets available, hopefully not from some tout who wants a large premium for the privilege or one of those nasty people that buy up blocks of tickets to be sold at an inflated price to yours truly.
  15. Looks great...I wonder who made it...Ibanez have all manufacture contracted out. What are the valve/tube specs?
  16. Really nice guitar...hold on...what's happening...gosh...can it be true?...yes it can...I can hear Santana in the background...
  17. The River Song....Nick Drake...(Old Man River)
  18. Could be a Sheraton or Casino...is it fully hollow or with a centre block?
  19. Some of the past masters advocate singin' whether it's jazz or blues...if yer caint sing it yer caint play it...
  20. I hope nobody's listening...Dolly Parton. PS I have no shame
  21. I once dropped from 13's to 10's on an ES 175 and it held up with no adjustments...often though the neck will pull the strings lower in this situation so a mix of raised bridge/truss rod relief may be necessary, sometimes some time after the change, and the weather/temp can affect things too.
  22. I can't remember the model no. but there's a really nice Yamaha mixer which I think would suit
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