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  1. Great guitar....!! Casino's and ES330's can be strung to suit style of music and personal preference.... With due regard to playing action and neck relief....9's, 10's, 11's and even 12's could be used.... I have used Elixir 11's and D'Addario 10's (not sure which spec) Other brands Rotosound and Newtone are also of good quality V
  2. Versatile


    Discussing the nuances of bed foam and degrees of firmness in guitar forums is quite normal..... Mrs V et moi sourced an 'orthopaedic' king size a long time ago and it has been excellent throughout... On some holidays in farm chalets etc, there have been traditional feather beds which seem to be all wrong with permanent deep dips towards the middle.....and yet they have ensured a luxurious night's sleep with no discomfort.... On a parallel issue : as an enthusiastic car driver I have always been meticulous in adjusting the driver's seat to ensure adequate lumbar support.....in addition to practising yoga for several years ( many of the postures focus on the spine ) Some folks are into the Alexander Technique Others dig Chiropractic Others visit an Osteopath Take care and good luck.....!! V
  3. What we need in a situation like this is a review by Bruce Springsteen.....:blink: V
  4. Sir David has, for many decades, pushed the boundaries of what the camera can capture in nature..... And with imagination and humour, shared this joyful skill with audiences of all ages across the world..... V
  5. Roland Cubes of most sizes have the 'Jazz Chorus' circuitry built in..... They make great jazz/blues amps...…. And the larger ones can be gigged successfully..... V
  6. Always relevant and superbly produced..... Sir David is perhaps the greatest life/nature programme maker of all time..... V
  7. So much good stuff around today MIC etc at very low prices..... Personal current go-to is a Taylor 354 12 str Also a Breedlove and formerly an Ovation..... Recently sold the Takamine mentioned earlier....very good VFM, looks and build quality There is even a Fender lurking in the undergrowth somewhere with a Baggs P/U at a ridiculously low price..... Happy Hunting..... V
  8. A very nice, highly regarded sports tourer from the reborn Triumph...… Triples are a bit special....looked at the Speed Triple and the Yamaha Tracer 900 in recent weeks Owned a Tiger 955 Adventure bike a few years back V
  9. Roland Street Cube is a work of genius IMO My home amp for many years Will also take a vocal mic if so inclined..... V
  10. I don't use straps.....since last Tuesday.....:blink: Have a nice day..... V
  11. Always good to rap about cars and stuff..... 2 GFOM's (Good Friends of Mine) have owned MGB's ( the 'proper' ones with chrome fenders/bumpers ) in the past : being seduced by the undoubted cool styling, retro chic etc..... Each reported ongoing mechanical and electrical issues and were glad to sell after not very long ownership.... What folks really need in this situation is a Mazda MX-5.....:blink: Just like a Kawasaki 650 will provide more road time and jollies than a vintage 60's Triumph Bonneville..... V
  12. By taking careful measurements and searching online you may be able to obtain a close equivalent.... Or a local guitar shop or guitar technician will probably be able to supply or make a replacement saddle.... Happy Hunting...!! V
  13. Upright Bass strings can be sourced by shopping around and should not be too expensive..... Bearing in mind a 4/4 set will fit a 3/4 bass with 'a little over'.... 'Happy Slapping'...… V
  14. Regarding the original post..... Soapbars tend to be height adjustable Dog ears tend to be attached directly to the top in a fixed height position.... V
  15. A belated confirmation that 'versatile' is indeed the word you are looking for..... V Long time dog ear and soap bar aficionado...…
  16. Very important subject for musicians of all ages..... Can be lumped together with Rheumatism and RSI String players in general....violinists et al.....and flute players can develop issues.....holding the instrument and working the wrist and fingers over many years Personally I have several guitars with differing neck profiles, as well as banjos, mandolins, violins etc Haven't noticed any advantages between differing necks from slim to very chunky But tend to keep a strict diary and regime of practice times and gig durations to stay on the case without pain or (heaven forbid) damage to bones/joints/tissues..... Having days away from playing can IMO be worthwhile too V
  17. Nice one....!! Heard 'Village Green Preservation Society' last night at an event..... Personal covers....'Days' and 'Dedicated Follower of Fashion'..... V
  18. Great guitar....!! Love these slimline hollows to bits....Casino, ES330 etc..... I've used D'Addario Chrome flatwounds in the past....but did move away for IMO dull tones....it's all personal as usual.... Currently using Elixir 11 - 49 on my ES225..... Sound great....roundwound…..but one cannot have everything in this life.....:blink: V
  19. A forum which encourages discourse between Sophisticated jazz players and bluegrass players Cannot be all bad...… V
  20. Had much enjoyment with Gretsch's over several years.... Japanese Jet Firebird ( a red Duo Jet ) with S/C Dynasonics…..think Cliff Gallup and George Harrison Chinese Corvette.....excellent Chinese solid 3 p/u , can't remember the model but sounded great and only cost £200...… Peerless (Korea) used to make some Gretsch models alongside Epiphone Casino's.... V
  21. Seymour Duncan has done a lot of work on Firebird pickups.... From ' Vintage Correct' through various degrees of 'hot'..... Personal success was with an 'SM-2'.... There are many other winders who may offer equally good Firebird pickups... V
  22. Orchestral music for it's rich tonal palette and emotional range String Quartets Violin.....classical, jazz, blues and folk Soprano sax.....Wayne Shorter, Sidney Bechet Alto sax.....Paul Desmond Clarinet.....Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, innumerable classical virtuosi Piano....classical, jazz, pub sing along, boogie woogie Brass bands Banjo.....Dixieland, folk, bluegrass Bouzouki and Mandolin.....Greek and Irish :blink: V
  23. Morgans are very special indeed...… And can be found as genuine classics in a slightly similar vein to early MG's and Triumph TR's Or....almost incredibly.....purchased brand new.....made in a similar way, with modern brakes and engines..... Mrs V and I are pondering the hire of a Morgan 3 wheeler.... To enjoy the unique experience of a bygone era....with wind in the hair and snappy handling like no other.....:blink: V
  24. There was a Dino featured as a renovation project on uk tv 'Wheeler Dealers'...… With a new exhaust system it sounded fantastic.... Apropos of nothing : Enzo Ferrari described the Jaguar 'E' Type as the most beautiful car he had ever set eyes upon Which is nice...… V
  25. I believe that would be known as 'shoe-horning' and 'ratting'...…:blink: The Morris Minor is a much loved classic from 1948 to 1972 designed under the watchful eye of Alec Issigonis….who went on to design the ground breaking Mini.... One of the popular restoration projects today is the 'woody' Morris Minor Traveller..... V
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