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  1. JT how is it going amigo. Saying hello from the border country here in Sonoita AZ. Hope to see you again soon. GT
  2. You know to see the excitement about the hog tops os cool. I have a 1943 J45 with a hog top and was concerned about sound. Until it was re-braced and set up right. All I can say hunting for the next Holy Grail has stopped for me.
  3. Thanks I can use all the friends I can get.

  4. It looks loike the J45 Custom without the headstock inlay, and nicer b/s grained rosewood.
  5. Jerry, do you know a guy named Bill Williams? He has said he has a friend he used to play with that would use the term "noodling" all the time.

  6. Well I got to play the MRW Western Classic today and do a head to head comparison with my SJ300. I thought the guitar was impressive, very nice burst and the back and sides beautiful. When it came to a tonal comparison I was mystified. My 300 has month old strings on it and it still had much greater depth, I am very fortunate to have found an exceptional sounding jumbo. More even across the range and brighter highs and deeper richer lows. I played them both, then had two separate fellows play them at the same time, and then one at a time so I could listen. To be honest with you, I came today to purchase a guitar. I took both of my Gibson guitars home and the WC stayed there. I could not justify the money spent on just the fact that MRW was on the other SJ. I may very well regret the decision 10 or more years down the road. But for now. I will play on. If you are interested Music Villa in Bozeman has one there for the Gibson Celebration coming up next weekend. Go play it. Tell Paul, Greg sent you.
  7. Anyone out there that can help? I am smitten by the Western Classic Prewar 200. How does it compare to the SJ300. Being both rosewood? The one I am looking at has MRW back and sides. How does this effect it's value and collectable status compared to the SJ300? And in your experience how does the wood sound in comparison to indian RW? Any info from the masses would be appreciated. GT
  8. I have tried the elixrs for the last couple of months and have come the complete circle. I prefer the non-coated as I feel the brightness is needed with my rosewood instruments. If I were inclined to purchase an SJ 200 in maple I might use the coated strings.
  9. You are very welcome. Thank you for the compliment.
  10. Original by GT Hurley played on a SJ300 Custom. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkRVYnMThD0
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