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  1. I have so many favorites that I can't just pick one so I'll just list my top 15 Rory Gallagher Robin Trower Jimi Hendrix Duane Allman Dickey Betts Joe Satriani Ace Frehley Allan Collins Ed King Gary Rossington Hughie Thomasson Billy Jones Brian Robertson Scott Gorham Warren Haynes
  2. There were quite a few and reading these posts jarred my memory, but the ones that still stand out after all these years were KISS in 1978 Robin Trower, twice with James Dewar and six times without him (wasn't the same, but still great) Allman Brothers on the Enlightened Rogues tour Allman Brothers with Dickey and Warren Alvin Lee and Ten Years Later with Blackfoot The Great American Guitar Assault Show with Lonnie Mack, Roy Buchanan and Dickey Betts Lynyrd Skynyrd when Hughie was still alive
  3. My first was an XR-1. I was recovering from an accident and had just purchased a Charvel acoustic. But I couldn't hold the strings down, the action was high and I had a damaged left elbow. So I made a deal with a friend of mine, his Les Paul for my Charvel and $100. I paid about $300 for the acoustic, so I got the Gibson for about $400 total. I ended up selling it when I was down and out and broke.
  4. I guess I'm in the minority, but I like them. I don't think they're suitable for shredding or really heavy stuff, but for blues rock type stuff I think they sound fine. As long as you don't mind fiddling with your amp settings I think they can produce some sweet tones.
  5. Would that be the once in a blue moon cleaning service?
  6. Not sure if they all came with P100's or if some had P90's, but the 2001 I have has P100's.
  7. To nub or not to nub.....that is the question. But it's nothing to fret over about. Nubless. Nubs.
  8. I may have gotten lucky but I used acetone to strip a Les Paul Special once. It worked really well and was easy to use. I just put some on a rag and wiped it over the guitar until the finish was gone. Didn't notice any adverse effects but I'd still be careful while using it.
  9. The part numbers for the Molex connectors that I found are, 538-43645-0200 for the 2 pin and 538-43645-0500 for the 5 pin. But you might want to double check those numbers before you order any to make sure they are the ones you're looking for. I never ordered any and when I researched them I was looking for ones to fit a 2008 Studio without the push pull pots.
  10. I guess that all good things must come to an end. I've enjoyed all of the lineups of the Allman Brothers from the beginning with Duane and Berry to the last incarnation of the band. I just hope and pray that more footage of shows with Duane surface.
  11. Growing up in the 70's and watching all those shows like The Midnight Special, Don Kershner's Rock Concert and In Concert made me want to be a rock star, but hearing The Allman Brothers Filmore East made me want to be a musician. I never did quite achieve either.
  12. The Allman Brothers or Rory Gallagher or Robin Trower or Jimi Hendrix or ........... Why did you have to ask such a hard question?
  13. Always liked the Deluxe because of these guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=261uidoVOVk
  14. One more.... Gerry McAvoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p01KZoJ6rT0
  15. While all the obvious greats have already been mentioned here, I'd like to add a few great ones who were totally underrated.(in my opinion)These guys always seemed to play what was appropriate for the song. James Dewar - Twice Removed From Yesterday Leon Wilkeson - Travelin' Man
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