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  1. I had one identical to this. Y serial number with 20 fret neck. Sold it a few years ago. My luthier who is very good said he saw no signs of the neck ever being replaced. He said it was not unusual for Gibson to mix match necks and bodies within a year or two. I had the saddle slot filled and remachined to correct the intonation. Your saddle looks like a makeshift being short on length and choppy on the ends so you may want to check out the intonation. 

    Handed down guitars are special. Take care of it, play it and treasure it.

  2. I'm no expert on them but I think it's mainly the materials and decor. Here's the specs from 2016 like the one I recently acquired. I see on the new ones they are using richlite.




    There were different versions of the DIF like everything else. Here's a RW version from 2016




  3. Still on a honeymoon with the DIF. 
    Check back in a year or two

    2 hours ago, EDP said:

    Wow.  This is impressive.  How much do you play that Dove?  Are there specific purposes for which it is best suited?  Thanks!

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  4. I've had a couple J200 standard maples. One was very good and I wish I still had it.

    Here's my current group of maples. I'm really liking the DIF.

    If it's just maple you're looking for there's plenty of models out there. Square shouldered are limited. Someone recently posted their NL they just received.

    Here's my maple line up

    L5 - F5 - Super 400 - ES175

    Fender Tele Select - DIF -  J185 - LC Century of Progress - L1 F hole - LP



  5. I had a similar scare a couple months ago. I was in the middle of a trade for a DIF and my Jackson Browne. When we came to terms, I took my advertised "mint" guitar out of the case and saw this crack. It was very embarrassing. 

    Jackson Browne


    Luckily it was just in the finish and there were no signs of cracks on the underside.

    Jackson Browne


    As far as repairs, I feel lucky to have a very good luthier locally. When he was associated with the local GC he was authorized to do almost any  warranty repairs for any brand. I've used him often enough that I feel comfortable enough to estimate repairs when shopping guitars.

  6. 43 minutes ago, PatriotsBiker said:

    Nice! Thanks for posting.

    Did he have a truss rod sytem put into this? The truss-rod cover was odd looking, plus I had always thought they did not do them during the war.(?)

    Here’s my LG1 from that era next to a RI

    Banner LG1


  7. 26 minutes ago, Viper1973 said:

    I’m confused.....

    Aren’t  your humidipaks doing the same over humidification spike mine did? The booklet that came with the J45 said I should stay in the 45-50% range which is why a freaked when they jacked the humidity up to 64% and kept it there.

    I never noticed that spike when I used them

  8. A little over a year ago I setup a music room. I found that the dehumidification was easier. I bought one  unit with a pump so it would drain constantly. Takes care of the entire lower level of the house. For humidification I had to contain it to the room. I have 5 monitors in the music room and a few more throughout the house.  I really enjoy the guitars setting out. They get played more often. I have about 36 of them setting out. Before that I used the humidipaks plus had a few of the bluetooth monitors in the cases of the more expensive guitars. Except for occasionally emitting  white dust I had no issues. There has been a few reports of the paks leaking and damaging finishes. No matter what you use, you need to monitor the process.

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