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  1. A couple years ago a local animal rescue group put together a tribute concert for her birthday as a fund raiser. A couple friends of mine were in the band that was put together using some of the top local talent from various groups. Emmylou donated a few personal items for the auction including a dress and jacket she wore when she accepted some CMA awards. Very classy lady. The concert was excellent. If I remember, they did a few of her albums in order. I’ll try to link a few of the videos. 

  2. On 9/12/2017 at 8:53 PM, Maikan said:

    Hi everybody,


    If I may... I recently did a lot of researches to know a bit more about the 1995 Gibson Gospel I just bought (here in Canada). I mostly found that... a lot of messy and false informations are written. So, yesterday, I wrote to Gibson Talk 2 Us platform, asking if the '90s Gospel reissues have solid mahogany or laminated back and sides. I had an answer 12 hours later!




    "Hello Hubert,

    They have solid mahogany back and sides. The 70s version is laminated.


    Jordan Hall

    Gibson Customer Service"


    So, the search is over. The Gospel reissues are all solid wood guitars.


    Keep on playin'!

    I just bought a ‘94 Gospel. Definitely has a laminate back. A very pronounced curved back like the old ‘20’s guitars with no bracing. 

  3. 2 hours ago, 62burst said:

    Jinder was close enough to Smeckville. Here's what Gibson left off of Dave's LTD... that was the Limited, wasn't it Dave (Roy's name was hard to miss on other r.i.'s):

    You know me too well 😉

    Historically mine looks good. Here's Norman With his 1935. From the caption I'm assuming they started putting standard necks on some non Hawaiian models without the Smeck logo or NL inlays. Maybe Tom can shed some light.



  4. Congrats!

    Except for the loose binding it looks in pretty good shape.

    Glade you found a case. 

    I was going to recommend you to keep a watch on reverb at https://reverb.com/shop/boutique-wholesale-never-retail

    They seem to get a lot of oddball cases. I've bought from them a couple times

    I took my J185 and tried it in a Martin  D, Gibson J and Gibson J200 case. Did not fit the first two and was too loose in the J200.

    Apparently the Jumbo shape does come into play

    J185  cali case


    Martin D

    48736948166_4e5792af0f_z.jpg   48736947411_0f7fac09e6_z.jpg

    Gibson J

    48736624448_cbf1126046_z.jpg   48737128682_1a5ebcf04c_z.jpg

    Gibson J200

    48737128957_f80dfa7d7b_z.jpg    48736948481_bd0e0fbc3e_z.jpg



  5. On 9/12/2019 at 7:11 PM, BluesKing777 said:

    If I were interested in it, I would request Elderly’s to quote the repairs. 

    I have 2014 ‘32 L00 RI. I’m impressed with it. Came with the redline case. Has beefy V neck.  I’m thinking it’s equivalent to the Legend except it’s not an exact replica of a vintage example. I think Nicks Legend may be an ‘as close as possible copy’ of Leroy Parnell’s ‘37 guitar but I’m not for sure. I have one of the earlier J45 Legends where they did the VOS finish, toner aged buttons and trim and even duplicated the saw marks on the bracing using the same equipment from back then. Since then I’ve seen a few newer model J45 Legends with an added word in the name but less effort to duplicate Eldon Whitford’s J45. 

  6. 9 hours ago, kelly campbell said:

    I have never had any chance to really play or try out a Japanese guitar except Takamine.  How do they compare to the brands listed here?

    As with most overseas products, the higher quality guitars are made in Japan and the more affordable models are made wherever. I've had a couple Takamine's and they were very good guitars.  They also make a killer Nashville series that rival the vintage Martins. I also had a Japan made Gretsch double neck that was great. Currently I have Japanese made Takamine TB10, Gretsch Chet Atkins Roundup  and a '60's Teisco Swinger.


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  7. 5 hours ago, billroy said:

    Very nice Dave,  I like em all!  On the LG2 Banner 'RI'?  Is RI re-issue?  And having said that, I thought LG2s were burst and LG3s were natural...  but then I just saw some LG2 American Eagles natural.  And what is the 'NL'?  

    It's a reissue of a banner x-braced all mahogany LG1. From what I've read and learned from John Thomas and Willi, in 1942 Gibson built a lot of about 100 each of LG1, LG2 and LG3's. All x-braced with different tone woods and finishes. They did not all ship that year but were spread out over the next few years. Some call them 1942 models because of their build year and others  date them to their ship date as they show in the  ledgers. After 1942 they only built the LG2 until after the war then the LG1 and LG3 was reintroduced but the LG1's were now entry level ladder braced guitars.  John Thomas loaned his LG1 to Gibson so they could make the reissue.

    NL is Nick Lucas



  8. 29 minutes ago, kwalker201 said:

    I'm with Nick on this one. If I was to want another one I would get a Martin 000-28

    I really like the 000-28 EC SB I have. One of my favorites. A few years ago I had a custom built and did the 0000 (or M) body. That's very comfortable too.

  9. Being exposed to varying conditions, your humidipaks may only last a few months but in my opinion they’re well worth it. You can buy them in bulk packages. I would not be polishing it that often. Just wipe it off after using it. I sometimes polish my guitars every few years. Normal areas to wipe down are the strings, fretboard and where your forearm rests.  If the case is going to get shook up a lot, I would pack some extra cotton cloth beneath the headstock for extra support. 

    Enjoy it and welcome to forum. 

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