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  1. Happy New Years Stuart!! May the new year bring you nothing but health and happiness.

    Your friends,

    Frank & Lori

  2. Happy New Year Rob!! May the new year bring you health and happiness.

    Frank & Lori

  3. Welcome to the forum ImOnEdge,.... although your question kinda sniffs of trolling, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.... Four Epi's in this household and not one regret. Fantastic build quality on all of them and great tone. The humbuckers on my SG are a tad on the muddled side but for a $400 git,.... it ain't bad. My Casino, my Sheraton and my wife's NV Riv are fantastic gits. I'd say put your Gibby bias aside and give an Epi a try,.... you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  4. I"ll be thinking of you this weekend while I'm watching the Australian GP,... I hope all is well with you Rob. Hope to see you back on the forum as soon as possible.

    Frank & Lori

  5. Thanks for the friend invite Michael! Very kind of you.

  6. Sorry Pete ...I should of worded that a tad better,... just wanted to confirm the factory. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Hey folks, I've got a potential purchase at hand. It's a Sheraton being sold as a 2003 to 2004 with serial # 104101747. edit: I think it should read i and not a 1 as the first digit. Thanks, Frank
  8. Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for the friendly props! This is a great site, mainly due to individuals like yourself. Keep up the great work!


  9. I'd go for the MIK. The 'Tobacco Burst' Sheraton is stunning!, and not currently an available option. I too am actively searching or one.... With all due respect to the MIC Epiphone owners (I too happen to be one - SG G400), if you have the option of MIK over MIC, I'd buy Korean, just based on ethical/political grounds. I'm trying to limit my 'made in China' purchases,... but it's next to impossible to find alternatives, have some fun next time you're at Walmart, pick ten items randomly,... see what you find!
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