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  1. The ES 137 is an amazing guitar imo. I played one about 6 months back in my local music store. I've ordered one in blue - but I'm still awaiting delivery. Full report when I get it defo!
  2. WOW! That's impressive. I visited there in the 90s, purely to soak up the atmosphere of the place! I hope you have a really good gig! :D
  3. Many thanks guys your words of encouragement are a real help, they've really cheered me. Have literally been blasting away on the Gretsch for most of the day, it's been a real inspiration to me. :)
  4. Agreed, Oasis I thought where total crap after the first 2 LP's. Liam was always a poor mans Ian Brown imho. On the other hand Noel is good on every level, and far more industrious, and interesting than his dullard brother.
  5. Sooooooooooooooooooo many!!!! Although I'm after Gibson ES 137, or a Gretsch Country Gentleman double cut at the mo'!
  6. I've got Bipolar, used to get messages from the TV and films etc, even books when reading them my name might crop up. Still I have good meds now so, I guess both of us are fine LMAO!!
  7. Sorry I've visited quite a number of times, but have not been able to post at all due to my Bipolar which has sucked me from way up high, to way under in a matter of weeks, then a month of depression. So have laid off a bit as my ramblings are utterly useless in the interim. So what has happened in my life, well bought a Gretsch 5420 in orange and a Fender Ukulele, pics coming up, just got to get the inclination to do that. Best to all you guys. Steve
  8. Gorgeous!! Congrats to you! My recent Fender has been this:. Sorry can't be too arsed to enclose an actual pic, but it's a lovely little Uke.
  9. A beaten up old Nokia phone and my house keys - I'm really not gadget friendly. I bought a Blackberry ages back, and ended up giving it to my wife before I stamped on it. Modern technology is not my friend.
  10. Off to see this guy tomorrow night - I expect to see great things... Are you experienced
  11. Saw The Specials and Madness, at a matinee showing for under 18s in 1980 - there was probably more fighting between skinheads and rude boys than probably in the evening show lol!
  12. Absolutely my thoughts! Phone = bugger off! Guitar = Stay here a while. Simples!!
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