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  1. thejay


    LP VOS w/P90s and a Bigsby! obviously a goldtop too - she's fantastic!
  2. I like the bird... explorer isn’t bad at all either
  3. thejay


    I got mine - I dig it!
  4. thejay


    I picked up a Westbury from Alto Music as well... bought a Digitech Luxe with the 15% back they gave me for my order. Got the supro hardshell case ordered with the rebate already processed too. Not to bad at all. Looking forward to giving it a whirl!
  5. Stock 500T vs Burstbucker #2 http://youtu.be/17IH5brRT2Q
  6. thejay


    Just picked up this 2017 335 in Lighburst, beautiful guitar!
  7. thejay


    Congrats. I pondered this one but didn't pull the trigger.
  8. I would agree with this, traveled with work years ago for a 3wk trip and did just that. What really got me was the time change, wake up in the night hungry....took about a week to get adjusted. Have fun
  9. [that's a fine looking guitar.... going to look into that myself
  10. thejay

    Classic 2017

    As others have mentioned you need to spend time with it if you aren't used to it... That being said I just got a 2017 Classic and love it, had to set it up a bit though. Plays great now
  11. thejay


    Not a bad idea...but kind of have another something something coming too
  12. thejay


    Finally picked up a this green meanie a Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017
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