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  1. thejay


    LP VOS w/P90s and a Bigsby! obviously a goldtop too - she's fantastic!
  2. I like the bird... explorer isn’t bad at all either
  3. I got mine - I dig it!
  4. I picked up a Westbury from Alto Music as well... bought a Digitech Luxe with the 15% back they gave me for my order. Got the supro hardshell case ordered with the rebate already processed too. Not to bad at all. Looking forward to giving it a whirl!
  5. Stock 500T vs Burstbucker #2 http://youtu.be/17IH5brRT2Q
  6. thejay


    Just picked up this 2017 335 in Lighburst, beautiful guitar!
  7. Congrats. I pondered this one but didn't pull the trigger.
  8. I would agree with this, traveled with work years ago for a 3wk trip and did just that. What really got me was the time change, wake up in the night hungry....took about a week to get adjusted. Have fun
  9. [that's a fine looking guitar.... going to look into that myself
  10. As others have mentioned you need to spend time with it if you aren't used to it... That being said I just got a 2017 Classic and love it, had to set it up a bit though. Plays great now
  11. thejay


    Not a bad idea...but kind of have another something something coming too
  12. thejay


    Finally picked up a this green meanie a Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017
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