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  1. Hah! Glad to know you are still in there pitching, Guth (guess I should say picking). Believe it, I hunted high and lo find that clip.
  2. Anyone care to comment how the tone of an AJ works for you as a solo performer: vocal accompaniment, singer-songwriter, blues picking, Americana, small group. Ive been playing a lot of Stratocaster of late, gotten used to the long scale and finding that my 000 feels cramped capoed up the neck.
  3. A guy in my high school circle had a J50. It stood out in a good way. Then you'd see them in the hands of the Fabs, Stones, Dylan. But it wanst til some years later that I got a late 60s j45. Carried that one for a long time. A D28 was my first good guitar, tho. I never took to it, even tho I was listening to CSNY and Flatt & Scruggs by then. You'd think a guy would learn. Hey Sal. Talk about J200's. That picture of Dylan with on the cover of Nashville Skyline says to me exactly what you are talking about. Petty with his Dove in the late 70s ...
  4. Ive played retros on a J35 1937 reissue, 00018 Golden Era and an OM28 new std (shop model). Cant say enough good things about em. You might miss the pbs ring at first but once you get the clarity of the retros, you just might like them. Btw here's a video of Toby Walker with a J35, J100 and an AJ, but Im not sure what strings he's got on there.
  5. "investigate this option" --- Im on that.
  6. Not an overspray--here's what he did. He sanded the discolored (thumb size ) are to bare wood, then resprayed with vinyl sealer and nitrocellulose finish. That was authorized. Because the colors still didnt match up, he wet sanded (scuffed) the whole top to a satin sheen, then wet sanded to a matte finish.
  7. 62Burst--its a natural. Some good thoughts here, appreciate all who have chimed in.
  8. From the look of it, I'd say de-gloss and sprayed matte. He offered to re-spray gloss, but I dont see any advantage in that because its no longer the original finish. Plus, to do that he has to take off the bridge and pickguard, will prob tie it up for months to come (he's had it since last May). Not to mention it is my only flattop.
  9. Thanks Nick. Its a 00018 Golden Era. Models in very good condition go from 2.2-2.8k. There was no ambiguity. Re-glue to bridge, touch up the stain, dress the frets. He knew I was prepping it for re-sale. Only dont have that in writing. I do have a text chain, asking not to spend much time on the stain if it was a losing battle. I also asked for pics, no reply. I dropped by his studio and say the spot, said dont worry about it. Next think I know, its done and in matte.
  10. I dont want to hurt him per se but I do want recompense. Any merit in the idea of offering him the opportunity to buy it as a way of avoiding court.
  11. New Hampshire. Why do you ask?
  12. Hey, guys. I took my Martin golden era to a repair guy I had done previous work with to fix the bridge which was coming unglued. Previous owner had done a quick fix, leaving a grey stain under the bridge. Repair guy couldt sand out the grey or tint it, so without asking me, he took the gloss off the top and made it a matte finish. On an effin' high end Martin. he has totally killed the re-sale value. Even if he puts a gloss back on it, its a refin. Any advice on recourse? Guy is an independent contractor, no money, so Id be suing an empty pocket. Nor do I wish to drag this into court. But ethically I feel like he owes me the value of the guitar.
  13. Jinder. How about a direct box to a PA? The Baggs Venue is a fantastic box for that purpose. Good tone shaping ability without losing the basic sound of the guitar. Never was happy with acoustic direct to an amp sound. This thing just kills it, both indoor and outdoor venues. The boost button for solos is a godsend.
  14. Bonnie Raitt to Dido. Fun gig. Working thru a lot of new chords and changes.
  15. . What kind of stuff are you playing?* If its country, he can play honky tonk and you can strum cowboy chords. Someone will sing. If its blues-based, either be prepared to go up the neck bring a capo so you can stick around E and A formations (open chords dont work for that). Deadhead, classic rock etc. Bring you iPads. Someone will need to know the chords! If it clicks, find a drummer. [*lately, Im playing in an adult contemporary/soft rock/techno-folk group and jam in a band setting (guitars, keys, bass and drums). Mostly still using blues chops and what I learned about the fretboard from playing blues). Go figure.
  16. Mark Knopfler is way to rich and famous to be off the radar, but I just started looking into his music and am impressed. On a roll with UK guitarists: MK, R Thompson, Renbourn, Jansch. KT Tunstall been known to write a song or two (yes she do).
  17. Otis Rush. Not a country bluesman, no, but a soulful singer, good writer and, yeh, could play some guitar. He]'s associates with Gibson, so posting this here: https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/9/30/1800166/-Otis-Rush-1934-2018
  18. His set with Mary Karr, Kin, has some good numbers on it. With more of that L00
  19. According to EW's Fab Flattops book, the earliest Montana reissues used a Fullerplast finish. They switched to nitro in 91. The 1992 guitars have a good rep. The shop had gotten its feet on the ground and had some high-level craftsmen. An friend and artist I know got a J35 from that period through Gary Burnette's shop. It is a killer.
  20. Hope not! But it is a Gib forum, so some folks may get caught up in a brand loyalty thing.
  21. Oh, it was just au revoir to Gibson, not the forum. I'll drop by for the chat. Hey, burst-- you're right. I had a thing for those Stage Deluxe models when they came out. I think I was looking at 12-frets a lot then. Tone-wise, kind of like Ben and Jerrys Choc Brownie --dark and rich. And fat!
  22. The J35 that I acquired a few years ago is with a new owner in la belle France, leaving moi avec sans Gibsons. That guitar had a tone and I was thrilled to find one after a long hunt. But being small of stature and short-armed, I was finding it a handful on stage. Also a load to carry around. Last winter, I found a 00018GE that fills the bill for tone (beautiful sound with a funky snap: how do they do it?). Doubt I'll be back the Gibson way anytime soon. I thought long and hard about an L00 last fall but at the end of the day, it did the snappy funky thing and not much else. And because of my physical limits, I feel like the door has slammed on slopes and jumbos. All perfectly good guitars; just not for me, so it seems. But I do want to thank everyone on this forum whose comments and sound files that helped educated my ears and inform my choices. I hope you know who you are. Regards, Rambler.
  23. Fond of retros in general in especially on a model like a J35 which has a 'retro' sound anyway. Its' a mature sound. Used em on my J35; now on my 00018GE.
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