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  1. I think maybe at one time the Korean vs Indonesian debate could be made and most would probably say the Korean made was of better quality. With the current production coming out of Indonesia; I don't know that you could make the argument that one is superior to the other. In regards to the time and energy and cost of production...he may know something we don't. what i do know is this: Epiphone produces guitars by the thousands and use several vendors. It would only make sense that they would have all of their vendors build for the same cost (give or take a few pennies). It wouldn't make any sense for them to pay a factory in Korea $125 to make the same guitar that an Indonesian factory for $100. Like i said previously, you'll be the only one that can report back on this since you'll have both guitars and can compare build/quality/sound. By the way, i think you may have confused some of us when quoting your dealer. Use quotation marks if you're quoting someone.
  2. i think most of the responses are to the guy selling you the Korean one it will be interesting to hear your opinion on which one you feel is better though.
  3. my official stance is i don't base an opinion on where a guitar was made. for all we know, there's a guy somewhere that has a Chinese built EJ-200 that is better than both of yours. Then again, it's all a matter of opinion and preference.
  4. I'm sure if you were to directly inhale the vapor; it would be harmful. To my understanding, outgassing would only occur if it was in an enclosed area (like the case). you should be ok as long as there is air flow in the room. i could be wrong.
  5. the Indonesian ones are pretty great. they're made by Samick and Samick makes great stuff for Epiphone. You'll be in a good position to compare the two and report back!.
  6. for what it's worth; some Best Buy stores in the U.S. were Gibson dealers and sold other instruments too. I don't think the concept caught on or if people were iffy about buying a guitar there but they did sell them at one time.
  7. nice find! don't see too many of those. It isn't USA made though and not a Masterbilt. Epiphone doesn't make anything in the U.S. and the Masterbilt line didn't come out until 2004.
  8. if the Best Buy near you doesn't have any in a showroom; would you be ordering one without seeing or playing it? if so, i would just order one from a trusted dealer as mentioned before. Sweetwater usually checks the guitar out before shipping it and would probably be the same price. as far as Best Buy selling them...they get the same guitars as Guitar Center or any other store. the treatment and storage or what happens to the guitars once they are at Best Buy is anybody's guess.
  9. It would appear it's a MIRC refurbished model (if the s/n is a sticker and begins with a 3)
  10. You may be able to plug the serial number into guitar dater project and find out where it's made. these Kramers use the same serial number coding as Epiphone. I'm guessing Korea too.
  11. not sure why you need the manual but you can download it at Epiphone.com
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