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  1. the best thing you can do is go to harbor freight (or google) and buy you a cheap set of digital calipers. measure it yourself because specs are always changing.
  2. if i had to guess; it's either a Les Paul Standard or Classic. if the pickups are original, it's probably a Classic. other than that it's a 2003 made in China.
  3. should be able to order from an Epi Dealer
  4. I think maybe at one time the Korean vs Indonesian debate could be made and most would probably say the Korean made was of better quality. With the current production coming out of Indonesia; I don't know that you could make the argument that one is superior to the other. In regards to the time and energy and cost of production...he may know something we don't. what i do know is this: Epiphone produces guitars by the thousands and use several vendors. It would only make sense that they would have all of their vendors build for the same cost (give or take a few pennies). It wouldn't make any sense for them to pay a factory in Korea $125 to make the same guitar that an Indonesian factory for $100. Like i said previously, you'll be the only one that can report back on this since you'll have both guitars and can compare build/quality/sound. By the way, i think you may have confused some of us when quoting your dealer. Use quotation marks if you're quoting someone.
  5. i think most of the responses are to the guy selling you the Korean one it will be interesting to hear your opinion on which one you feel is better though.
  6. my official stance is i don't base an opinion on where a guitar was made. for all we know, there's a guy somewhere that has a Chinese built EJ-200 that is better than both of yours. Then again, it's all a matter of opinion and preference.
  7. I'm sure if you were to directly inhale the vapor; it would be harmful. To my understanding, outgassing would only occur if it was in an enclosed area (like the case). you should be ok as long as there is air flow in the room. i could be wrong.
  8. the Indonesian ones are pretty great. they're made by Samick and Samick makes great stuff for Epiphone. You'll be in a good position to compare the two and report back!.
  9. he can ask 2k for it. doesn't mean he'll get it. considering you can get a brand new one with electronics for 320 i'd say this is a long shot.
  10. have you posted this in the trading post?
  11. it's all marketing b.s. they're the same guitar. one may have chrome hardware the other may have nickel but at this price point; they aren't changing too much between the two. also, this wouldn't be the first and probably not the last time an Epiphone spec has been wrong in print. You'll find more errors on their site than any dealer's site.
  12. no one will be able to tell you anything since you haven't given any information "other than it's a Gibson". load some pics or a link to some pics and someone may be able to give some insight.
  13. usually, the LTD refers to a limited finish or even just a fancy way of sprucing up an existing model even though there's no real difference. Physically, there aren't going to be too many differences as far as build. the pickup listing is probably a typo. T usually stands for "Treble"(bridge pickup) and R for "Rhythm"(neck pickup). i would bet that the 650R is also in the LTD since there would only be one "treble" and one "rhythm" per guitar.
  14. i feel if things get that far out of hand just hit the "report" button, have an admin look at it and move on.
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