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  1. CONGRATS! Great lookin' guitar-even if I do say so myself (just got mine this past Wed.)exact same guitar but a righty...LOL. Your case looks just like mine; when I set my '17 in the bottom of the body is a slight tight fit. A GENTLE push and it'll settle right in. You may have figured this out by now. Best wishes with it! Brian
  2. That Firebird sounds sweet! Have you posted any pics of it yet? Would love to see it! I did change the truss rod cover- one of my "things", I rarely like the "branded" covers and I thought I'd have to buy one but as it turned out, I had a new one stashed away (perhaps waiting for another Gibson?). Thanks for the comments! Brian
  3. CONGRATS on a beautiful guitar! lay the snot out of it, in good health! Question, please? The Epiphone with the chromed P90s- can you tell me / us a little about it? I recently "discovered" a band called "Thrice" and their lead guitarist plays one at times. Sweet sounding! Is it a vintage or newer model? THANKS! Brian
  4. I thought about getting a custom poker chip made from Philadelphia Luthier that reads "up" and "Down"... I can go either way, personally. My LP has it- my new '17 SG Standard T does not. When I first found out that many new ,17 models don't have it, it reminded me of a supposedly true story we read in one of my Bachelor's Degree Business classes: Southwest airlines is very employee oriented and they had a company wide contest to see who could come up with a viable idea to save the most money without causing customer service to suffer. I forget how much the impact was, but it was a phenomenal amount yearly..... by cutting pickle slices in their salads from 5 to three... SO- there ya go! Gibson is saving bazillions by leaving out this seemingly innocuous piece of hardware...? JMO- as an aside: I'm GLAD they left out the robot tuners on the model I bought! I WISH they would have gone back to PTP wiring- I'm sure they save a lot using the PTP... brian
  5. After a long hiatus! Job lay-off and ill health got the better of me and I was layin' low for a while. But Wednesday this showed up at my door and I thought I'd better at least drop in and say hello! Some more details on the SG part of the forum. Still have my beloved LP Studio; got a '14 Fender Am. Std. Strat and now this beauty! Hope you are all doing well!! Brian
  6. Well- I've been on hiatus from this (and some other) boards for awhile. But I think of you all often and I thought it might be a good "comeback" since I just got this delivered Wednesday! I absolutely love it! My only critique, and this is just a personal thing - I wish it were PTP instead of PCB! I usually switch caps out at some tie on my guitars, so the board may "go" sometime in the future and get re-done PTP. Meanwhile- my this is my second lifetime new Gibson (others bought used, the other new one was a Marauder in 1978 or 79...). Fit and finish is tremendous- tone is great! Action needed a little tweaking for me but took all of about 10 minutes. I almost bought an open box 2016 but MF screwed up and then offered me a discount on this one. I'm glad because my LP has 490/498 pickups and the '17 has the 57 Classics- plus a hard case! VERY pleased! Brian
  7. Silvercrow


    Surfpup- you sir, have, IMO, THE best configuration of Telecaster known to man, IMO! I mourn the loss of two guitars; one of which was a MIJ '72 Custom Tele (RI). VERY nice git! Not to hijack- but would you mind sharing info on that partster? Just so I can be tortured, ya know...Thanks! Brian
  8. Hey Bro- Yep! Don't use it; that is, don't set up accounts, don't give ANY information. The wife and I don't have "smart phones". Not that we're government agents or anything, but really, we don't want others in our "stuff" unless we invite them. You mentioned being "followed" by ads the agencies think you might like. TRUE! Also consider; if you have a smart phone, and you use it to "scan" that little digital block when you're at the store, shopping (maybe if you scan an item it will give you a discount coupon). Well, what you just did was tell those who collect consumer data 1-Who you are 2- What you buy (the item), 3- where you are shopping, even the department within the store, 4- time of day you are shopping. And perhaps more. ALL this info is worth a TON of money to the marketers. Some say the wife and I are paranoid. No, we just treasure the right to move around freely, do what we do without consumer groups hounding the sheit out of us! Brian
  9. Agreed! Also, intelligence really has NOTHING to do with whether one uses drugs or alcohol (also a drug), or doesn't. More than a few people, much smarter and experienced than I am, have made a pretty compelling case that greater intelligence can actually lead to greater propensity for drug usage. Based on the premise that uber intelligent people get bored easily, require more stimulation for their brains, on-and-on. But we're talking about Jimi and I'll always appreciate him for what he was and what he did for music as we know it today. Would someone else have come along and do what he did? No telling. We could speculate about that as well as any other influential person, good or bad, throughout history. Brian
  10. RCT, I'm surprised! This would have been a perfect opportunity for your "It's just a guitar" comment! You're slipping, Bro! Brian
  11. Thanks Tman! I only posted that because the bickering over estates affects all, rich or poor, famous, not famous or infamous. That experience colored my view of things and the people involved. I for one do care about Jimi Hendrix, his music and his being. I've read various accounts of him being a somewhat tortured human being and of his artistic desires being at odds with the entities that signed / owned him. I'm betting he'd REALLY be pissed / depressed over these continual goings-on. Brian
  12. ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY BEAUTIFUL! DANG! BEST wishes with that gorgeous guitar! If I owned that baby I think I'd sleep with it right next to the bed....maybe in the bed...! Thanks for sharing! Brian
  13. THIS!! ^^^ Mom and I were in a car accident when I was twelve and she was killed. That in itself was devastating, but as bad to me was seeing a whole room full of people, rifling through her stuff, at the wake at our home after the funeral. All these folks that were Mom's friends, digging around unfettered, looking for...what? I swear that hurt stayed with me almost as long as her death itself. People an be exceedingly greedy, selfish and inconsiderate. (Nice way of saying A$$HOLES). And to me, it's one thing if people are scrambling for a token to remember a loved one by; quite another to capitalize on it monetarily. As Paul Harvey used to say- stay tuned for the REST of the story... Brian PS- Mom had a very expensive and rare ring, a tri-color Alexandrite. Seems like that's what folks were looking for. When I turned 18 my Mom's best friend contacted me to give me something she knew Mom wanted me to have. She knew just where it was, scarfed it up and held it for me until I graduated. There is justice sometimes. Perhaps for Jimi too...
  14. Posted Today, 10:22 AM and from Notes_Norton: <...> Is it just an increase in incidence or just increased traditional and social media coverage? I think both. And I think a lot of it is spurred by the "Hate" culture on political media disguising as news and commentary. Insights, incites, and unscientific personal observation by Notes Couldn't agree more with you both!! Having been in law enforcement for my career I'd say you both have nailed this on the head. There are reasons behind it and my opinion of those reasons would not be "P.C." or appropriate here... Brian (Conservative / Hippie / Musician dichotomy wrapped in enigma...)
  15. THAT is worth the price of admission!! Brian
  16. Right on! I have a new Amer. Stand. Strat in "Mystic Aztec Gold"...the only thing mystic about it is how they arrived at that name!(?) It's metallic gold to me...but I'm hue color blind most of the time and metallic gold is so...boring? I guess. I haven't held it under full moon light in October tho... Brian
  17. It doesn't seem like the OP is trying to make a "case" for a solid state vs. tube amp selection. And I don't think any of us would (reasonably) say that this or that solid state amp = tube amp tone. Tube amps add a complexity and (good) character to tone that would be hard if not impossible to emulate with anything digital or solid state. Not across a broad spectrum of playing anyway. The OP seems to be saying that for the jam sessions he's participating in, he doesn't want to be bothered dismanteling and lugging his home rig, so what are his options for a decent sounding solid state transportable amp? And I agree with one of the above posters- having a Mesa Lonestar and a Vox AC the OP's got a pretty good idea on what tube amp tone is vice solid state. I got my Mustang III vr for one reason- church Worship "gigs". It has a line out and our sound guys, volunteers and not being versed in miking amps and dealing with things related to that, insist on going directly into the board or using an amp that has a line out. The Mustang sounds pretty darn good and a side benefit is I use it as a monitor so's I don't have to put up with hearing myself in whatever monitor mix they give us on stage. HOWEVER all this discussion has made me spend more time with my tube amp- and appreciating it's tone all the more! Brian
  18. Well, as always, I'm learning a lot! Bence- you did show me a video of the Faber system previously and it was impressive. I didn't fully understand all the removal system stuff and balked, as I sometimes do. So in reading all the related posts here, I considered starting at the beginning again. BUT... then last night as I was playing I realized how satisfied I am with the tone I have currently. I do believe I have a smidge of added sustain and perhaps girth. What REALLY settled it for me in sticking with the TonePros I just installed was borrowing my buddy's Peterson tuner this weekend and re-checking the intonation- Unless I had used a REAL strobe tuner and not the Peterson clip on, I don't think I could have done better. AND Surfpup- thanks for the pic- the aluminum stoptail will do well and I'll get a set of nickel TonePros locking studs to complete it. NEXT comes modding my Fender 68 CDR. But thats another thread. Carry on folks and again-thanks all! Brian
  19. Preach It Brother! Been off for over 3 years now- better without it. I do however miss all the interesting shots of people's food, whole and partially consumed; videos that make "America's Funniest" look like it was Jeopardy, and stimulating stuff like that... Brian
  20. I recently "auditioned" some SS amps to use at church worship service, because tube amps spring from the pit of hell itself!* Can't speak relative to the NEW Roland Blues Cubes- Eric johnson seems to endorse 'em and for $600.00 they better be good! The older Blues Cubes, used that I tried, pretty unimpressive, IMO. The Fender Mustang III v2- I've been using for over a month now. VERY nice- close to tube amp tones, factory pre-sets range from "eh" to "YEESH!", HOWEVER, the amp models can be tweaked and are very useful for me, both with my LP Studio and my Fender Strat, and take my OD pedal well. The Mustangs are surprisingly good and I found one used VERY reasonable. IMO-YMMV etc. * Translation: Our sound guys are volunteer, don't know how to mike up an amp / deal with 60 cycle hum, etc. Best wishes- hoped this might've helped... Brian
  21. Thanks for pointing that out; sometimes the obvious escapes me... I shoulda knew 'dat! I'm suspicious of the pics on the sites- seems to me a duller finish that will work well, THEN MF and another, I think "Allparts" have picks of a black TonePros that the description says Gold color. MF's known for using stock photos, particularly of their accessories. Nevertheless I should have known / thought the aluminum would not be bright in finish, unless it's "chromed" of course. Brian
  22. Thanks to all...and Mr. C.O. Jones and Surfpup- I am looking at those aluminum tailpieces! I'm hoping to see one in person, in nickle, hoping it will "match" better than the full-on chrome. Seems there are no aluminum stoptails in satin chrome. My wife, who has an artist's eye and is always straightforward with me (sometimes painfully so ) said the bridge went well with the other (standard chrome)hardware on the guitar. Of course...she may just be thinking she's saving money by telling me that...LOL! Anyway, it is "just hardware" (am I quoting RCT "It's Just A Guitar"??)and I shouldn't be concerned- no bearing on tone or function. I just shake my head at myself-I can't ever remember falling for an electric guitar like this! And it's been long enough for the honeymoon to be over, so Scarlet has earned a permanent place with me! Brian
  23. Hi Cap! One of the things I like best about music is the lyrics- how they and the instruments blend to evoke a feeling and transmit a message. I spent two years in Germany from 1978-79 and I ashamed to say I don't know the language better than I do. But language aside- I love the song. Having gone through a bitter divorce and recalling all the roller-coaster emotions, second guessing and yes, posturing, I can relate. Another lyrical nuance I always love is the interplay of words. A few of your lines stand out to me, this one best; I'm clean shaved, perfumed, coiffured, assuming full risk Speaks volumes, to me. Thanks for sharing! Brian
  24. SO GLAD they caught everything in time! We're the same age and two April's ago the same thing happened to me. LDA was 95% blocked in my case (they call a blockage in that artery the 'widow-maker')in my case one stent took care of it... As one person to another- make sure you do all the Dr's tell you to going forward. It's amazing what they can do today with technology- again, thanking the Lord you are still with us and praying for healthy years raising that fine daughter of yours (and taking care of your wife, too!). Brian
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