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  1. Sorry for your loss, early 90s classic are more sought after than other years, specially 1990-1994 ones, wish i had one

    Dont know what year would it be, usually those have a 5 digit serial number and the first digit would be the year. this one has 6 digits so i dont know, maybe its a 1990??



  2. great! so pictures until Christmas then?

    As for your question that depends on each person, there are differences some think its not worth the money, some think it does. i think if you have the cash/can afford it and you want a Gibson go for it. In my case i have too many guitars now but if i didnt i  would probably get an Epi if i really liked it, aint nothing wrong with that, i would really like a green or white LP 🤪and a ES335, so i might check some Epis next week!

  3. That's nice that he gave you a guitar, i would probably have done the same or offer to fix the one that was broken


    i saw the pics on the other thread and i dont think it looks that much disastrous. It is a LP studio but like kidblast said it would probably be like $200 and that's not the cost of the guitar

    they just glue it, not screws/rods (that i know)

  4. Congratulations for retiring! very well deserved gift/guitar you are getting for yourself

    Of course it will be your decision, i just want to throw my opinion...

    About Fenders (cuz i started out as a Fender fan), i will say that for strats i have always preferred mim, and for telecasters USA. I dont know what it is but i do find difference in sound in the USA telecasters vs MIM. Although the price gap is wide. Anyways, I really liked the new color Fender came up on the new Ultra series, "TEXAS TEA", you should check it out, but try to look for a video cuz in the pictures they dont show the color as it is (it has a bit of a shine), wish i could get my hands on a texas tea strat haha...oh one thing is that for the new USA Telecasters i know they changed the neck profile to a D, they say its slender with more shoulder, or something like that

    If you want a Gibson,  that one is hard haha cuz i would tell you to get both the Firebird and the 335 hahha..have you played both models? are you inclining more towards one? they are very different

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  5. Just now, BluesKing777 said:


    I really like the whiff of expresso when I open the case and while I am playing. But I have 2 bags in the soundhole, 2 in the case headstock.......you may have trouble getting a bag in the soundhole of your LPs 😎😎😎, but you could put a few in the case.






    HAHAHA i had to ask haha, thank you!

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