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  1. Swapping the PUs will be an improvement on a 2001 guitar. The PUs back then were just a cake of wax and pretty bad, photos and opinions on the web. The pots if you are a player who uses the volume and tone knobs yes. If you leave them at full on both the controls are just in bypass mode, so if you don't like the PUs that way new pots and wiring change nothing. If you use the knobs to adjust the tone/volume then swap them to good quality pots An Epiphone that old might even have the mini pots in it. I say might as Peerless models from the same era used full size on the ones I had and sill own anyway.
  2. Those are the same specs that were posted back when the Les Paul Traditional Pro came out as that guitar had one of each. Alnico Classic Pro and Probucker. Check the Duncan forum as LtKojak has taken the Alnico Classic Pros apart and has all the info on the Neck and Bridge Ohm measurements, photos, details etc. I own guitars Gibsons/Epiphones with Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 The Alnico Classic Pro to me in my 335Pro sound like 2's to me, mids are there and highs and lows not as strong like in 498 or Alnico Classic of old or the new 355 I have. If you guys like the Alnico Classic Pros great. I do not care for them, bridge PU anyway. The neck sounds ok but I don't use that on its own. I remember posting this same comment years back when the 339 first came out. My buddy got the first run 339 and still owns Before all this confusion of Epiphone changing the name to 339Pro and PUs to Alnico Classic Pros. His has the Probuckers, we checked years ago on a string change. I liked his so much I went to buy my own and everyone I played I thought the same thing to the point we brought his guitar in to AB at Sam Ash. I did not buy a 339Pro. I did buy a 335Pro knowing what PUs. The GC I was in buying strings had the thing on a manager special for stupid cheap because it was old inventory. It looks great, sounds good unplugged and will upgrade the PUs down the road and have a 335 in cherry like my cherry Gibson 335 but does split coil and will take to band practice and leave there.
  3. Right the tone on the Epiphone Lucille goes through the Varitone circuit and choke on the their version too so some tone is rolled off. I have owned MANY Epiphones (Dots, G400s LPs all are gone now save Lucille) so know what the Alnico Classic of old sounds like = not good. The ones in the 355 I just bought last year sound good and I was shocked. I bought the guitar planning on putting in a spare set of Gibson 57s I took out of one of those above listed Epiphone's I put back to stock before selling. The PUs in the 355 sound good enough for me to leave in and just play as is. Lucille's Alnico Classics sound like all the rest of the guitars I have gotten rid of, and am going to change them to a gold set of Probuckers. You are right it has the back panel so will be easy.
  4. No one answered the question. Yes Probuckers are an upgrade. I bought a set to put into my Epiphone Lucille. As you said putting in a Dot minus split coil: The wiring is the same as Gibson's. The Large Black is the ground and twist the Small Black to that. The Red is the hot. The Green and White solder together and leave to the side for non split coil. If you don't you are not going to have the whole PU in HB mode. Unlike others here I like the Probuckers but do not like the Alnico Classic Pro.
  5. Professional Electronics. The Les Paul Traditional Pro uses Epiphone's 4-wire, nickel/silver base humbuckers with newly tooled, USA-style bobbins. In the neck position is the Alnico Classic Pro humbucker with Alnico-II warm, thick vintage tone and open zebra coils. It's uniquely paired with Epiphone's ProBucker-3 humbucker. An inspired by version of Gibson's BurstBucker-3, the Les Paul guitar features unevenly wound coils and Alnico-II magnets that replicate that "Patent Applied for" airy tone. You'll love the way they sound! To top it all off, both volume controls feature push/pull potentiometers allowing you to coil-split each pickup for single-coil sounds. Combined with the 3-way toggle, you get 6 unique sounds from one great Les Paul guitar. Those were the specs when the Les Paul Trad Pro came out from Epiphone and the first guitar they offered with both the new Probucker and Alnico Classic Pro. Both were listed at A2 then. So Epiphone can't even keep straight what they have going on.
  6. Crust I have not changed anything on the mentioned guitars. My comparison guitars here so I can give good AB comparison: I have the 335 pro in Cherry and a Gibson 335 plain top with 57s I have a Gibson 60s tribute SG with Burstbucker 1&2 and have the Epiphone SG Custom in Pelham blue with Probuckers I have a Lucille with the old Alnico Classics I have the 355 in Pelham blue with Alnico Classics The PUs in the 355 sound nothing like the Alnico Classics in Lucille. On the first string change pulled the PUs to look and still have the brass base plates but sound nothing like Alnico Classic of old = mud flat no dynamics. From a manufacturing point thinking maybe Epiphone making all PUs with same wire and bobbins now to help with inventory hence the improvement or maybe just got lucky. Though you say you like yours too. I have not looked into PUs for the 335 Pro yet but if I find on ebay a cheap set of Probuckers might grab them and should be easy to just plug right in I hope. Have not looked into it yet. The 355 I bought liking the guitar and have a set of 57s here I pulled from another Epiphone before I sold it off back to stock and was planning on putting them in there. When it showed up sounds good not like my 335 with 57s but so much better than Lucille and my 335 Pro just leaving it as is. The 355 PUs sound like A5s with less mids and stronger lows and highs I have a set of Gold Probuckers I found on ebay cheap and as soon as I get the chance are going into Lucille. Thought about throwing the spare set of 57s into the 335 Pro but bought the guitar knowing it does the split coil deal and my 57s are just 2 wire so would have to swap the pots etc not a project I want to get into as I have plenty of good guitars. Want to keep that option on that guitar so not a huge rush.
  7. Well not sure what is what then. When the Alnico Pro first came out the only difference was the even winding vs the uneven on them and the Probuckers they were both supposed to be A2s. Like you say: 57s are A2 Gibson Burstbuckers 1&2s are A2 Gibson Burstbucker Pros use the A5 I own guitars with all the PUs here. I have a 335 Pro too like some guys here and a Gibson 335 with 57s and find the Epiphone 335 Pro nothing in tone plugged in like the 57s at all. I played a bunch before I bought mine and everyone I played sounded the same plugged in. Mine I picked as it had nice figuring, built well and no finish flaws resonates unplugged well so if I do a PU upgrade when I decide what I want in there will sound good. To me they sound flat. The neck sounds nice but I am a middle or bridge PU player and on the bridge there are no dynamics at all very flat tone, clear but one dimensional. LtKojak on the Duncan forum took them apart and the pole side being even wound on the bridge PU with the opposite might be the issue. If some guys like them great. I have the same opinion LtKojak does though not real dynamic when you compare them to the real deal. The Probuckers are a different story. They have the dynamics and punch, clarity etc. They do not sound like the real Burstbuckers they copy but they are a good PU and I have no desire to change them. To me the Probucker sounds more like a brighter Gibson 57 and that is a good thing. They do not have the bite of real Burstbuckers. I have both Burstbuckers 1&2 in a SG and the Probuckers in that Pelham blue SG Custom so similar guitars to compare them in too. I do not have to roll the treble back on the Epiphone like I do on the Gibson as real Burstbuckers have a very strong treble bite that can almost be too much. Curious I also bought the 355 in Pelham and that is a 2013 expecting to swap the PUs as I do not like the Alnico Classics. This guitar has the best version of that PU I have ever heard and wonder if Epiphone is now using the same parts to wind all the stuff, they still use the brass bottom plate on the Alnico Classic though. They do sound now like 490s. I was shocked when I played it. No mud so congrats to Epiphone for finally fixing the Alnico Classic now too. If according to Epiphone the Alnico Classic Pro and Alnico Classic are both A5 then I like the new Alnico Classics as installed in the 355 better that the Alnico Classic Pros more dynamics. Long post sorry, regardless of what Dr Epiphone says the Alnico Classic Pro is nothing like a 57 if they really changed the specs from the early days from A2 to A5 that is wrong and sorry they sound nothing at all like real 57s. Fine I guess for what they are but no how, no way are they identical in tone to real 57s.
  8. Pull the sticker off and see. The sticker is marked "CASE" followed by a number hence my guess at a music store putting the sticker on the guitar and one on the case so they can be matched up later. Sam Ash marks all cases in the back room for guitars on display with masking tape. I know guys who work there and when I have bought guitars there, brought me the case with the tape still on the case and pulled it off before I left the store. I also own a first 61 Casino and that came with the certificate card. later found a Casino 2nd in Royal Tan for a great price and grabbed that too. Did not have the gray case just a standard Epiphone black case and no certificate. The second has the serial number stuck on over the blue label by the place Epiphone sold it to as a 2nd. Yours does not have the serial number blocked over on the blue label like my 2nd Casino does. I doubt if this guitar was a 2nd Epiphone would include the certificate portfolio thing in this case either. Who knows, if it is in good condition and you like it just enjoy!
  9. Looks like this was bought at a music store and the store put the guitar on the floor knowing it came with a case and put that sticker on the back so when they sold the guitar the case in the back room was marked with the same. My guess a store inventory thing. Sam Ash does the same thing on the card they attach to the guitar in the pouch and if you buy a Gibson/Fender guitar with case you will see they mark the case in the back room with masking tape with the right number to match up when they sell you the guitar. I would not worry about the sticker. The serial number should be on the little certificate they included with the guitar, the number of 1962 should be written in pen on that. Ask if the seller has that. That is how mine came anyway.
  10. Nice guitars and if you can find one go for it over the standard DOT. Unlike some others I do not like the Alnico Pros they sound flat to me, but improvement over the DOT PUs and the guitar alone with the binding worth it over the DOT. If you like the PUs great but if not a lot nicer guitar than the DOT to do a PU upgrade later. The Probuckers I do really like by the way.
  11. Hard Days Night for the writing and energy level not a bad song and Lennon dominates. Revolver the last real group effort and creative use of the studio to enhance great songs instead of trying to hide not so great ones. Abbey Road for the slickness of them playing at the creative peak of their abilities and for the last time, good songs, and production that enhances instead of over powering the songs.
  12. The black ring is a "goof ring" they put them on a Kalamazoo for the guys using a power tool to tighten the nuts up. If they over torqued with power tool and cracked the finish the washer would cover and no one would know. Hence the "goof ring" on that assembly line. Lennon's Casino final assembly must have been done by the person who did the final assembly by power tool instead of hand. Lennon's with the ring was just the luck of the draw.
  13. Sorry no pic of both. The necks felt the same a shallow fat/wide D shape to them. I think my Cherry Burst was a 2010 or 2011? My wine red one is a 2012. My dealer had the 1960 Cherry Burst in the back room new in box never opened or on the floor. He cut me a good deal as it was from the first run and the dealer knew and had ordered and had on the floor the "Plus" with the flame tops, so could not move the plain tops he had ordered as the new ones with the flame looked "better" no wine red though so took the great deal on the unopened Cherry Burst. Then after buying the Cherry Burst found a wine red listed as a return on one of the major onlines and took a chance and ordered as figured if problems would just box up and return. The wine red showed up in mint condition and do not know why was listed as used. So had both at the same time and for awhile the Cherry Burst got left at our practice space but then realized I was keeping the wine red at home and getting no use so sold the Cherry Burst and the wine red to practice and my Gibson gold top stays home. Nice guitar both of them. Both necks felt the same regardless of the specs...........so. I actually kind of wish I had held onto the Cherry Burst as I did like that finish in a plain top rather than the flame they offer it in now. The wine red however looks best to me with the flames.
  14. The first run of the Tribute1960s had a plain top = no flame veneer. I bought one of the first run in faded cherry I can say for a fact identical to the "Plus" model. I bought a wine red Plus Top and had both guitars at the same time. I sold the Faded Cherry Burst off as I wanted red in the first place and when the Plus Tops came out with that color option bought one. Same identical guitars minus the flame top. 57s, malloy caps, push pull pots, locking tuners.............identical.
  15. An IB Harrison line. We already have the Lennon and McCartney ones. IB Harrison guitars: Lucy the LP with Gibson 57s ES 345 in burst with a stop bar and mono wiring with Gibson 57s SG with maestro with Gibson 57s J160E with the correct scale 24 and 3/4 and a real Gibson P90 Harrison sig on back of headstock unlike the Lennon sig. Casino with Bigsby and real Gibson/Epiphone P90s like the IB Lennon Casino. Maybe offer one a year.
  16. Good guitar for the money and one of the best in the Epiphone line. I found the same thing in playing mine to my Gibson. You described it well though I think comes from the Epiphone maple top. I say that as I also bought when guys were talking about them the special Sam Ash gold top standard run from a few years back and I think is all Hog and no maple cap. That guitar has the same punch and tone as my Gibson just minus the last 10% of "sing" from the poly vs nitro I would guess. That guitar has the same Gibson 57s, wiring as the 1960 Tribute and same body size, my Gibson's body is a bit fatter/deeper. Good value but to my ear does not have the same punch as the Gibson but will do the split coil thing so nice guitar. If you can play before you buy.
  17. Congrats on the Superchamp X2. The Fender tones great, the models of: Vox, Marshall not so much. Passable but not great even with some time spent in Fuse. Just make sure you download the latest version of Fuse. As I posted before most models have the Mids dimed and you can roll them back in Fuse. It would have been nice if the designers had made Mid level 5 as neutral for the non mid knob amps but they didn't. I own most Fenders modeled so am able to get the amp pretty close to a Deluxe, Twin, and Princeton. I spend most of my time on the clean side which sounds like a cross between a Twin and Deluxe. I rent so most of my big amps are out now days and the Superchamp lives in my living room against my couch and sounds great at a level that allows me to not be evicted. Lots of pages on the X2 on line so can look for much more info to see what the amp can do and not take up time here on the Epiphone Forum.
  18. Fender Superchamp X2 if you like the 65 Princeton the model is on there. Make sure you download the latest version of Fuse, most models including the clean side have the Mids dimed roll them back in Fuse. Channel one tube amp channel 2 the modeling side best of both worlds and only $350 max find a coupon code and even less.
  19. Elitist Riviera equal to a Gibson only poly instead of nitro. Used to have an Elitist Valensi same story equal to a Gibson. I own Gibson's too if that helps. 335s, SGs, LPs several acoustics....... Only thing from the China line IMO that comes close to the Elitist line is: 61 RI Casino I have one RI Sheraton I have one I own both the IB Lennon Casinos if you can find the 61 RI get that instead, very close to the same woody tone of a Gibson 330, that or the old sig Lennon's with the nylon saddles.
  20. I had a problem with this back when my buddy got his Epiphone 339 first run in cherry with the Probuckers. It sounds great and very much like the underwound Burstbuckers in my Tweedy. A bit brighter than a 57 but full and clear. Both of us have played the new ES339s with the Alnico Classic Pro and major difference. The Alnico Classic Pro might be overwound but still has the V magnets and the tone I do not like. The Probuckers have the II magnets and sound like it to me, a brighter 57. I saw the new Les Paul Plus Top and read the specs at Epiphone then at Musicansfriend and it says Probuckers but then the other guys say Alnico Classic Pros. Still hope someone from Epiphone can clear this up. I will buy the guitar with the Probuckers but I am not buying anymore with Alnico Classic what ever they call them when they have a great PU with the Probucker finally. I guess Epiphone in the long run does not lose the sale as I will just buy the Tribute in Winered with the real Gibson 57s. I have a LP with 57s and did want the Probucker guitar. Epiphone really needs to get their act together with these PUs and specs and stop all the confusion so the customer can order a guitar and know what it is they are receiving.
  21. Hope someone at Epiphone can answer this for me. Going to buy one of these in the Winered, but they are the Epiphone site and some sites as having the new Probuckers 2 and 3, but other sites as having the Alnico Classic Pros. Can someone please confirm this guitar comes with the Probuckers stock and this is not another ES339 where the first run shipped with the Probuckers and the following runs have the Alnico Classics? My bandmate has a first run 339 with the Probuckers and I think the Probucker is a great PU. I have until the end of August for a coupon code at SA. I like the pickguard on the Plustop Pro and the Probucker is a great stock PU. If specs have changed I will upgrade to the other Winered model with the real 57s and case but no pickguard, forget the model name now. Thanks for anyone with info on this.
  22. When I bought my 61 RI Casino from Sam Ash they had one of their special order Casinos with a bigsby. Had to do a double take but the body and neck joint were the same as the 61 so maybe they are updating the line. Would be nice if they finally fixed the Lennon EJ160E to the right scale too.
  23. Glad you like them too. I have several Gibson's now with the 57s, only way I'll buy them tired of paying for stuff to fix down the road. Epiphone has a great PU in the Probucker but I will not buy another until all Epiphone models come with them or at least one I want. I am only paying once from now on. The Alnico Classic needs to be put in all the low end bolt on neck Epiphones etc and retired from the standard or more expensive line get the Probuckers either in the split coil option or not either way is fine by me.
  24. My bandmate has no interest in changing them or would I if I owned his guitar. They are a bit brighter than a real Gibson 57 but just as clear and full. I am not too happy with the spec changes on the Epiphone 339s can't get one myself the same way now. IMO once you have heard the Probucker there is no going back to stock Alnico Classics. Let us know what you think when your guitar arrives.
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