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TTK demos the Randall RG13


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Got to play with one of these yesterday. The one big CON is there is no bypass of this pedal/amp, if you used it as an effects pedal, it's always on. It's 1.7 watts and can get pretty loud. The Clean sound isn't my cup of tube tea. The gain sounds are fun. I played it thru a 4x12, 2x12 and many different singles and found a single 8ohm V30 to be best. All the contols are responsive. I pluged it into a marshall C5 and it mated well, can easily push the front end and beyond. Didn't get to try it into an effects return of an amp. I did plug a Digitech RP1000 into in with the 4 cable method and it mated well. Nice bedroom toy, but without a bypass I don't see it as a pedal.

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