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James Trussart


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...Anybody wanna give me 5 G's so I can buy one of his guitars?...

I would love to, of course, brundaddy but rule #10....


"10. Begging in the forums for anything is not allowed."


Damn! Sorry!


Seriously, though; great to read you had such a nice experience with meeting the guy.

I've known his guitars for years (not first-hand, though) but didn't know anything about him as a person.

Good to hear he's one of the 'good guys'.





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I wouldn't dare beg for the money to buy one of James Trussart's beautiful guitars-but if anyone had that kind of money burning a hole in their pocket and wanted to give me one I definitely wouldn't insult them by turning it down.

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It should be obvious that I was being facetious. Anyway I was impressed by his encyclopedic knowledge of Louisiana music. It reminds me of Quincy Jones's saying that "foreigners know American music much better than Americans." It is rare that I meet others who are as geeked about the music of my people as I am.

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