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Mahogany J185 EC


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Just saw the mahogany J185 on Gibson's web site. Has anybody seen one in the US? I wonder if there are any hanging on a dealer's wall anywhere...


There are no 5 star dealers near me so its really hard to shop for Gibson. Last time I talked with Dennis O'Brien he said he wanted to get a 5 star in my part of the US but it seems like he was not able to get that done during his tenure at Gibson.

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Interesting guitar, but haven't seen one.


Another mahogany small-jumbo Gibson was the WM180 (solid mahogany back & sides, morado fingerboard & bridge). It was only produced for a few years - I believe '99 &'00.


Never had the good fortune to play one of those either!

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I don't even remember seeing this listed on the special runs lists recently that they send to dealers. Maybe a GC exclusive?


Where are you anyway?



Don't think is a GC exclusive. Its listed om Gibson's website. That's where I first saw it.


I'm in Raleigh NC....we don't have a Gibson dealer near us (other than GC). You might be the closest dealer to us....

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