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Conflicting info over Sheraton II's


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Nice guitar, and nice collection, too.


Yeah, I was all about Fenders...still love them...but after getting my Wildkat, I got bit by the Epiphone bug!

Compared to many I've seen here and at other forums, my collection looks a bit modest, but it's starting to take shape.

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I guess my feeling isn't that it's a guitar with very good looks, but that the buyer is very happy with it in all ways.



"A pretty face will last a year or two..."

It's true, she's a real beauty (my pix just don't do her justice), but it does come down to how she plays and feels. And to that end, I couldn't be happier. It's a sheer joy to play and just feels right in my hands. My Stratocaster is a little jealous seeing how the Sheraton II has been getting a lot of attention as of late.

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