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1935 Gibson AJ Reissue


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Jon Garon at My Favorite Guitars has one of those 1935 AJs on his inventory I'm thinking about. Anyone have one or tried one?


GDC, you mean the real thing?


If so, tpbiii has a 1936. He's posted a lot of pictures of it lately. It's a beaut.


Remember, they sold for only $80 new, so don't pay more than a couple of hundred for one....:rolleyes:



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Well, AJs have been "reissued" under several names over the years ..... like the Anniversary AJ. So it's difficult to give you a straight answer (typical for any Gibson question), but I have a '92 AJ that should be close to the original and It is a real keeper! It is a most wonderful instrument as are most of the AJs I've played. There can be duds in any model of Gibsons .... Gibson even notes that, since they are "hand made" they are all individuals (per this month's issue of Acoustic Guitar Mag) .... I've played a lot of AJs and some are better than others but I've never seen a bad one. Play it and, if it appeals to you, buy it!

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