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NGD at Russo Music, NJ


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I went down to Russo Music today for the Gibson Road show. I met Rich G (sorry I missed Sal)from the forum and had a great time chatting with him and hearing him play some guitars. I was not really set on buying anything today (lie) so I was just going to look around until the Gibson bus arrived. One of the guitars I tested was the Songwriter Deluxe Studio and I tested all 3 of the ones they had. The 1st one was in your face, super bass response and projecting like it was connected to an amp. I told Howie (store employee) to hold that one. I played the other 2 as well as looked at some other guitars and decided the 1st songwriter I played was the one I wanted. Scott Engel (store manager) polished her up and got her ready for me to take home. But I was not leaving until that bus came because I wanted to meet Don from Gibson.


After a couple of hours of talking up guitars and my wife holding me back from spending more money, I got a chance to meet with Don Ruffatto from Gibson. What a great guy and man does he know his Gibsons (and other makes like Martin and Taylor.) The sparkle in his eye and the tone of his voice told me this is a man who truly loves his job! We talked a good 20 minutes and I came away with even more love for the brand as well as deciding to take a factory tour in the Spring (given by Don)!


All in all a great day but now it's time for some pictures then I have to get back to playing! Did I say this guitar is LOUD?












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