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I'm looking at getting a '69 Gibson Heritage online. The owner says the back & sides are made of Brazilian rosewood. There's a repaired split (few inches) close to the neck (see picture). Owner is asking $600. Anyone think it's a good deal and i should go for it?

post-60631-003787700 1384706700_thumb.jpg

post-60631-030328800 1384706707_thumb.jpg

post-60631-032460000 1384706715_thumb.jpg

post-60631-093054600 1384706725_thumb.jpg

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A '69 can be made with either solid or laminate rosewood. I have heard all kinds of ways you can supposedly easily identify which the guitar is made with - whether it has the smaller tort scratchplate or the large black Epi-looking one, whether it sports a top or bottom belly bridge and so on. I would definitely do some homework before buying although $600 seems cheap enough even for a laminate body guitar.

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The '69 Heritage should have a laminate back & sides.


Just from looking at your pictures of the back and soundhole,

the wood grain does not appear to match, indicating a laminate.


Imho, $600 would still be a good price if the tone is decent

and structural stability is not compromised.

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