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New OEM Vibrola doesn't fit


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I have a strange problem. My '71 SG is original, and has its original Lyle Vibrato tailpiece. I wanted to install a replacement, to correct an angle issue (you can't rotate the tremolo bar back above the control knobs). I bought an aftermarket tailpiece (I was going to use the original cover plate from my Lyle), and the mounting holes were off. I returned that unit, and bought a new old stock unit (more $$), and have the same problem (pics below).


Was there something different in the early 70's models? At this point I am likely going to redrill the new tailpiece to make it fit, rather than drill a new hole(s) in my guitar. But, on the off chance there is a tailpiece unique to the guitar I'd like to know.


Thanks, Stu.




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just "teasing" us w/those 2 partial pics Stu???? [laugh]

c'mon man...we gotta see that SG !


is re-drilling the plate going to make it loose or possibly cause a "wobble" making staying in tune impossible?


how far off is it w/the 1st screw loosened a good bit?


In a separate post I attached a full pic of the guitar (and I think you've seen it!).


In the picture, the first screw is barely threaded in, quite loose.


As for re-drilling the plate, I'm taking the guitar to the pro for an evaluation. If he says it may be wobbly, I don't do it.

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