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Which pick up came with 2003 Woody Guthrie SJ?


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I don't think its an baggs element.


Gibson started using baggs pus around 2006/2007. Before that they mostly used fishman pus in most of their guitars. But I can't even remember which fishman model was in my 2005 j-45.


Some blurred memory says me the WG SJ had no pickup at all, but I might be completely wrong about that.


Do you own the guitar or do you contemplate about purchasing one?

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Fishman Matrix

Thank you for the responses. I thought it may be a Fishman Matrix. I have a Fishman Infinity Matrix in another guitar. I would switch them if I was convinced that the newer model represented a significant upgrade. I do not need the volume and tone controls, as I use a Fishman Aura Spectrum DI when I perform. Does anyone think it is worth switching them?

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