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priceing help please


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I have a 2005 les paul custom shop black beauty 68 reissue

and im trying to find her value or her bluebook value.but its amazing how so little information is out there about prices..


does anyone happen to know what her resale value is..


ive been told its anywhere from 1200 to 4500..i just really knew who to believe,so I came on board here to find some help.



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You need to do a completed sales search on ebay. Bottom line is that the economy is still not good these days.......jim


^-- this


Look for completed auctions that are similar to what you have (you need to set up and sign in to an Ebay account to be able to see completed auctions.)


That at least ball parks you with some idea of what you're looking at based on previous/recent auctions.


You could also check to see what Elderly offers for appraisals, I believe they offer this service for a fee.


BTW: I wouldn't go blue book. That's what the retail stores will use to screw customers on trade ins. it's not indicative of what the market will bear.

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