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What size of files for nut slots is used at the factory for L5CES..?


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That has got to be the most dangerous of tools - one or two swipes too many, and its time for a whole new nut, or a new finger. Dave, in my hands that thing would be disaster for sure.

I experimented with a few different pitch and tooth shape and found this one that works very well. I've used it on bone, plastic, graphite and the synthetics. From all my experimenting I got pretty good at mixing super glue gel and the appropriate dust for filling in my mistakes and repairing older nuts. I gave one of these to the luthier I use and he liked it. He said it comes in real hand for bass guitars and other oddball nut slot sizes.

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But Dave that thing is accurate with the right bottom?

Where do you get it?

Ive been considering getting the Stwert Mac set for my acoustics and was hoping those are same as L5.

But those files are about $80 shipped and my need for them is like once every 10 years.


Still need to know size Gibson uses at factory on L5..I don't want to buy instruments for measuring slots as well..

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I read somewhere on a forum about someone grinding notches in a feeler gage and thought I'd take it to the next level.


I buy a standard feeler stock gage, remove anything less than .009" thick then CNC Wirecut the teeth on both sides.


I have the teeth pointed where you need pull the blade so I wouldn't slip and mar the headstock.


What's handy is you can stack them to achieve any thickness you want that way you can match the existing slot width whatever the size.


As far as the bottom profile it's pretty well squared off and not rounded so maintaining the proper width would be more important since you would not have a rounded slot bottom.

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