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First day of vacation :-)


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Good evening,

i use to hang on the LP and Vintage boards even though i don't own a LP, 2 other Gibsons though.

It´s my first day of 4 weeks vacation, a couple of beers´n´stuff, quite warm inside and the same outside, well it doesn't get better [biggrin]

I had my friends home visiting last winter and we occupied a room for a night, and this video was recorded in a acoustic setting, my friend played my old es120, me playing my Godin 5th avenue and my friends son his big old cello.

We borrowed a song from Tony Joe White and got on it, i thought i could entertain you guys with the result, very fun to play acoustic for a change i have to say, maybe even someone could enjoy it :P



Have a good night, i´ll watching the soccer world cup, drinking some beers in the evenings, and bathing on the days to come, that´s for sure!

Sorry if i annoy anyone with my annoying good mood [blush]

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Well I, for one, enjoyed that, Holmis! Nice and relaxed playing.

Good Stuff!




Enjoy the Soccer!




Thanks Pippy, yes, we where very relaxed and just had fun!

Surprisingly i´m at the same good mood today, without beer`n`stuff :rolleyes: Vacation is underestimated, or not!

I´m sure gonna enjoy soccer and bathing!

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