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What ever happened to "Big Jim"?


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Man ive been listening to Faith no More all week cos of that gig last Friday.. I had forgotten how much great music they made... But then I thought, what ever happened to Jim Martin, who was surely a big part of their sound.. Always liked his stuff and his sound... I once saw him and FNM when they supported GnR and Jim was amazing.. He just stood there in his power stance the whole gig without moving, just bobbing his head up and down... Ive never seen anyone not move with such integrity [lol]


But as well as their more commercial stuff (like Epic and Out of Nowhere etc), these two songs REALLY grabbed me.. They are just so out there in terms of their sound and ideas... LOVE it [thumbup]


Check out Jims solo on this


And im just loving that chugging groove on this one

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