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Can P90s handle this type of "heavy metal"?


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It should be known that P-90's can do pretty much ANYTHING you can throw at them. Hell man, Tony Iommi's original SG that you hear on the old albums had P-90's in it, as well as a couple of his others (he actually has an Epi signature model fitted with the HB sized P-90's too!). In fact, his signature pickup is ACTUALLY more like a P-90 than a typical humbucker in design, just adding the higher output and hum-cancellation.


Use and abuse those P-90's, they can handle it all!



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Totally. P90's do a lot more than people think.


Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvKjGnApeZE


problem with that vid is that the guy used digital modelling from what i remember, and with that, any pickups can pretty much sound like anything;) And do you guys think im way off when i say that i think the tone in the vid is single coil alike?

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