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Looking for Gibson 490r Stacked Humbucker


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I know this is a long shot but I am hoping someone out there might have one of these for sale. I am in the process of restoring a Gibson SG-Z that the previous owner discarded after he put EMG's in the guitar [cursing]


Please contact me if you have one for sale or know where I can get one. Thank you!!!!


FYI I have already contacted Gibson - they tell me they're no longer available. This guitar was only produced in 1998. [crying]


Here's a picture of the stock original. I already have ordered the bridge pup - a Gibson 500 T humbucker which, thankfully, are still available.



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I've said many times that I'm "not an SG guy". I have to say I'd make room in the stable for that one for sure. Nice guitar!




Thanks Tom - still looking for that neck pickup..sighhh. I guess I'm just going to have to contact the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop and get one ordered. It's the last piece I need to put her back together. [smile]

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Bumping this thread because even though I had Seymour Duncan make me a replacement neck pup because I could not find the original one - thanks to this thread on this forum - a guy contacted me who had the original neck pup for sale! It just arrived & I'll be swapping out the custom made replacement pup for the ORIGINAL. [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


Will post up before & after photos once I've completed the work. Gotta love this place! :)

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This should be interesting in a number of ways.


Me, I have never been impressed with any stacked humbucker I have tried. I think many feel the same way. Including even the P-100's. I am familiar with the sound of Duncan stacks, and while they are quite good, still miss something, but the rest of the Duncan single coils ARE very good.


So, how will the actual Gibson "stack up" to the Duncan? Pun intended, maybe it WILL have that something special? How do either sound in the first place?


Of corse, if neither are really, really good sounding, why not go for something that is? Would a standard Strat pup or Tele neck pup fit the same hole?

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