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Nickel or chrome?


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Prety good question actually...


I think it's nickel... you should see the product model line in the QC card... there are some letters in ther, NH means nickel hardware. I dont know if "normal" gibsons ship with chrome hardware... any of you guys know about this?


Anyway... when I shopped for my TP6 (for the standard faded) I asked for chrome because gibson does not offfer them in nickel!!! and now after having it installed for more than a year, the thing is getting on my nerves... I just cant stand how it looks so chrome-ish... I am really thinking about taking it off and putting the original bridge in... maybe this TP6 will go to my new tele which has chrome hardware (and a stop tail piece configuration)... will have to wait for her to arive tho...

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