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Well the H stands for harmonica and i just inherited 5 of them,it's the inherited word that still hurts.My family lives in Mass and the wife and i have been in GA..for some 20 years now.My father passed away almost a year ago back in Nov 2 2013 at 83 years old. I miss him real bad but 83 isnt a bad ride and I still have mom,my younger sister and my youngest brother making me the oldest.Dad was never a happy guy to talk on the phone (great guy in person) so most news I got was from mom so I knew he played harp but I never heard him or didnt even know he had 5 rather pricey harmonicas but knew he played quite a few wind instruments and had a great ear.I got a call from mom a few weeks ago asking if I would like my fathers harmonicas,I used to be darn good playing the diatonics but never a chromatic.So before a little more story heres 2 pictures.

The most expensive even being the black plastic on top.Not that it matters but added together theyre around $790.00

1.Hohner CX-12

2.Hohner chromatic 270/48 in #C

3.Hohner 270 super chromatic tenor in #C


Next picture are both Hering brands from Argentina,out of business 9 months ago.

1.Hering special 48 their signature model.

2.Hering diotonic 1923 vintage.I played it for a while and wow what a great tone,mom said dad bought it in a Cracker barrel restaurant they were on sale.He played it and just loved the tone (like father like son)


Another thing I didnt know and dad never mentioned it was he played with a senior group of the Harmonicats,called The golden Age Harmoni-cats.From what I understand mom told me they got an OK to name the group that from one of the surviving original Harmonicats.GEEZ I cant believe for the 8 years he played out he never mentioned it to me.What I also cant believe is there are 6 youtube videos on there.If no one minds this is my dad David R Lee playing a solo at a Golden Age fair in Springfield mass.(DAM I Miss you Dad)

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I was wrong.. lol


I thought it was a head.


Nice harps. And the sentimental part really is a nice touch.


Sorry to hear about your Pop. Loosing a parent is hard. I lost my Dad too.

I still have my Mom.


Happy NHD [thumbup]

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Thanks quapman I didnt even think of New Head Day myself. I was hoping someone knew if these harps were good being Hohner's and how a Chromatic harmonic actually works.Had anyone used or heard of the Hering harmonicas,I played Hohner Blues harps for years to me the best diotonic harmonica ever.Though for a sweet tone that Hering 1923 vintage sounds great,it lists for $25.00 but it had to be on sale a bunch being tossed in a wooden barrel.Oh yea anybody dig James Cotton 100% Cotton,Dig This

The Creeper

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