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Why did Gibson stop making Les Paul Custom's body entirely out of mahagony? I mean nowdays it's mahogony with a maple cap like any other Gibson Les Paul. So what would motivate me to buy a les paul custom and not a les paul standard (or whatever)? I mean except for a different colour (ebony or whatever) any slightly fancier inlays and hardware it's pretty similar to any other gibson les paul (at least I my opinion). And finally why did Gibson stop making the three pickup version?, that's the kind of stuff I want!

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When the carved-top Les Paul Custom model was re-introduced in 1968 it had a maple cap.


1. All-mahogany Customs have been offered on the odd occasion through the years - especially on the re-issues - but by and large the answer to your first question is 1960.


2. If you have a Custom in sunburst finish then the wood-grain and any figure would be visible. There are some seriously fancy flame maple Customs out there.


3. Why? You'd have to ask Gibson for a definitive answer to that one but my guess, FWIW, is that perhaps sales figures of the 3-p'up routinely fall behind those of the 2-p'up version.

Many players find the middle p'up gets in the way of their picking hand.

The 3-p'up model was originally only available between roughly late '57 and '60 and wasn't re-introduced until 1977 (although a few '76 examples have surfaced) so it would suggest that, in general, the 2-p'up version finds more buyers willing to hand over the hard-earned.



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... I mean nowdays it's mahogony with a maple cap like any other Gibson Les Paul. ...


Not sure what you mean by "nowadays". Gibson quit making mahogany LP Customs in 1960, along with all the other LPs (they were replaced by the SG "Les Paul"). When the LP was brought back in 1968 the LP Custom was produced with a maple top. There were lots of other changes over the years. If you want all mahogany LP Custom look at the reissues for the specs you want.




<Oops> sorry Pippy - appears I was writing while you were posting.



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