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The Late New Year Game


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Okay - here's to check how sharp you people are after the great party.


The Q is simple - the answer not necessarily so :


Do you see anything peculiar in this photo ?


Breathe slowly Dec201411theboard.jpg , , , and watch twice.



Then please elaborate ~

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Spot on, blindboygrunt - you hit it sharp and fast.


Well the Firebird simply is too blinged for me to rock so I had to tilt it with a slight personality-twist.


Like preferring the company of His Majesty the King in private, , , not drunk but freely pissed.


And it works, , , I'm freer myself behind it now.



Zomb - believe you're wrong about R. Reagan, , , but if you look closely, there's the profile of Lady Bird Johnson in the reflection round the G-tuner.




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