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correct strings?


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What would be the best strings for my Epiphone Texan? I have heard both light and medium from 2 different sources. Recommendations appreciated, Rick.


I think most Epiphone acoustics are shipped with 12s which is medium for most brands although it's personal taste as to what you use. I use Elixir lights (11s) on my EJ160e and prefer them to mediums (although I think this guitar is shipped with electric 11s).


There are a few posts that have the Official String Guages attached - I tried to attached it but had to shrink it down a fair bit and it came out too small to read. I could email it if you like.




PS there are quite few Texan owners on here that I'm sure will share their preferences

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Can't speak for the Texan, but I recently bought a Masterbilt AJ500M. I confirmed with Epi that they come shipped with 12's, I personally like, and have used for years, D'Addario EXP16's, (80/20 phosphor/bronze) 12-53 gauge on this and other acoustics. Nice sound and last quite a bit as well. YMMV.

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