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Dead Weekend

Dave F

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I have a few extra bucks so I thought I'd go out shopping this weekend. Came home with my cash in my pocket

Local CL listed an all Koa CJ165 in excellent condition The asking price was a little high but it was at a local pawn shop. That guitar has lived a rough life. Very poor bridge reglue job and it was still pulled up on one corner. Instead of the nice Gibson arc on top there was a wave. Neck was bowed badly. High action in the middle and buzzing up high. Scuffed on the front. Stained on the back. Owner did not want to budge on price and in that shape I did not want to work on him.

Local music store and local GC had nothing.

Went to Sam Ash and GC about 40 miles away.

The GC had a few nice ones but nothing I wanted.

Sam Ash had a decent 000-42 but over priced. I couldn't get them to budge at all. I don't think they know what to do with nice Martins. For $200 more I could get a new one with warranty from Maury's or MFG.

I have weekend trip planned in a few weeks so I think I'll wait until then. I always luck out in TN

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Couldn't have been that dead of a weekend for you, Dave, recalling some interesting past NGD's of yours:








The monkey of GAS on one's back is a tough thing to bear. More specifically, GADD, guitar attention deficit disorder, which answers the none-too-musical question: "what's the most interesting guitar?" with the answer: "the next one!"


'Nothing wrong with enjoying the broad palette of acoustic sounds available, and hearing what they sound like next to one another. Hopefully, you were able to make some nice sounds this weekend; enough to tide you over 'til the next time.

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