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Seymour Duncan Phat Cats Installed


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I decided to go a different direction with my favorite SG and swap out the P-Rails. After some research, I went with the Seymour Duncan Phat Cats. They are a P-90 designed to drop into a guitar routed for humbuckers. After some initial frustration with wiring related to the exposed ground lead shorting out on stuff, its up and running. It sounds great! I wasn't sure about single coils, but these sound a lot fatter than Fender single coils. Highly recommended if anyone is looking for a different sound.







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Looks Great! [thumbup] How does it Sound?! What do you love most, about the new pickups, and their "tone"

and/or characteristics? Inquiring minds, want to know. :-k[biggrin]




They have just enough single coil twang, but not nearly as much as Fenders. They sound kind of like a combination of a single coil and a humbucker. Excellent sound for blues, rock, or country. Probably not quite hot enough for metal, but I have an ESP for that. Now the guitar has more of its own purpose. My G-400 has SD humbuckers and I'm probably buying one of the new SG XTRA Slims this year, which will cover the factory humbucker sound. Plus, they look nicer than the black P-Rails with the rest of the gold hardware. If I just had one SG, I would probably stick with humbuckers, but having multiples gives me a chance to branch out a bit tonally.

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