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Hi, my grandfather just gave me this guitar (it was laying in the basemant for many years) and I have no clue what model or from which year it is. Originally guitar belonged to my great grandfather who played in Jaroslav Jezek's swing band and guitar is on photos from years '36 - '39 (apparently he bought it around year '35 - but cant be sure about that).


Any information would be most appreciated. I tried to find information on my own but theres so many different models that varies from year to year that i got lost :).


Thank you in advance for any info.













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The FON (factory order number) stamp looks to contain the letter "B" as the last ink stamped character, this would date the guitar to 1936. The model looks to be an L-50.


The L-50 went through a few changes in the '35-'36 era from a round-hole archtop, to a slope-shouldered archtop, to a "Grand Auditorium" body size archtop. The guitar pictured has a couple "crossover" traits, which would make it one of the early "modern" style L-50's, in basically the same configuration as it remained for the rest of it's run.

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Thank you very much for answer. Does those two last number (21?) mean something? Or is it some imperfection in wood that coincidentally look like numbers? :)



The red, hand-written "21" is the sequence number of this guitar within the "batch" or rack represented by the ink-printed number. There might be typically 40 guitars associated with the same batch number. For example, I have a guitar with the factory order number (FON) 3644 8. That is the 8th guitar in batch 3644.

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