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My new 330 P90 Pro is freaking awesome!

Elias Graves

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Epiphone has upped the game, for sure.


Man, that is a beauty. Love the pelham. Binding looks good and aged. But wait, is this a typo? Gibson has an ES330, but I don't see one for Epiphone. You mean 339 pro? (I can't quite see the trussrod cover.)

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Gorgeous guitar! I kept going back and forth between the 339 P90 and a Nighthawk. GC had a slightly used Nighthawk for $250 (still had the plastic on the pickups, probably just hung on the wall at the store) and that price made my mind up for me. But I may have to get a 339 before too long. (That's after I figure out how to explain to my wife why I "need" another guitar!)

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Sorry. 339 Pro.


Check this out.

The pickup is wound with old school enamel coated wire. Note the bright orange color.

Reads 8.16. Even has the right alloy (or close to it) for the pole screws.

The bobbin is plastic rather than fiber.

A vintage model would not be wax potted but most players prefer them with wax, so it's waxed.

Lead wire is modern and not a braided shield like Gibson uses but that doesn't matter much.

Overall a "vintage enough" pickup to pass for a Gibson P90.




Honest to goodness CTS potentiometers.



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I bought a cherry version of the same guitar on sale. It really is an awesome guitar. Set up is really decent. I like it so much, I ordered the case for it. I'm still under $500 on the whole thing. The Epi logo sticker fell off of the pickgaurd. That was really the only thing that did not look awesome on the guitar. I wish they had silk screened it or something.

post-66062-013623800 1438978793_thumb.jpg

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