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Replacement necks

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I am restoring a mid 90's Gibson Les Paul studio I have from when I was a kid, and am in search of a replacement neck for it. The headstock busted clear off over 10 years ago and I have lost it over the years. I removed the neck and am going to refinish the body, however, I need a new neck.


Any suggestions as to where I can find a replacement neck? Gibson has not provided me with any options and finding necks for that are Gibson rather than Epiphone or generic is impossible.




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Hello Jason and welcome to the Forums!


Gibson does not sells necks.


Once, I was thinking about buying a '74 Les Paul Custom with headstock damage. I mailed to Customer Service asking about a replacement neck, and they told me to turn to a Gibson authorized repair shop, because they do not sell bodies/necks.


So, I can advice the same: bring Your instrument to a professional luthier.


Best wishes... Bence

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It really depends on the sentimental value of the guitar, as probably the only way to get the proper "Gibson" neck is to buy another Studio and rob the neck off it. This is of course cost prohibitive in the real world of "return-on-investment", as you will have the cost of two Studios in one guitar, but.... that's your call. The low end market value of Studios looks to running about $500.


The other thing that might save you some money is if you can find a "parted-out" Studio, since parting out guitars seems to be an industry all in itself these days, you may find a "carcass" for sale as hardware and electronics is where these people think the money is.


Keep a diligent eye on e-bay, with various search parameters, you may find just what you're looking for.

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Gibson doesn't sell bodies or necks, to Consumer's! It does supply them, to their authorized repair "stations," though!

It's the same with the Maestro "lyre" tailpieces. You have to get it from a repair station or authorized dealer,

as a replacement part. Gibson will not sell them, direct, to the public. Given the amount of forgeries, who

can blame them!


You might check out the Gibson "Repair and Restoration" shop, about repairing it. Won't be cheap, though! [scared]



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