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Don Ruffatto @ the 12th fret


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Very interesting, indeed. If Mr. Epi/Gibson a/e-guy milod (milo) were feeling better, he might check in on this video for Don R's referring to Ray Whitley and his ilk as cowboys (Best wishes for a speedy recovery in the use of the left arm, Milo). In the video segment offered up by JCV, we get a better sense of Don, and the sense that Gibson was listening to the difference between the 2-ribbon and 4-ribbon SJ-200 bridge, and its relation to string break angle, as was mentioned in the archives by Duluthdan, and maybe Buc McM, and others in the past, here on the forum.


Don R: Feedback "from in the forums, from on everywhere"... :

Good to see what Don R is saying here suggests that not only is Big G is trying to cater to what their buyers were looking for, with respect to the 1942 J-45 Legend, (although it doesn't sound like it was as much of a success as they had hoped), but that they are also aware of what is being discussed here in the forums.


Thx for passing that along, Juan Carlos.

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