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Odd Melody Maker?


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I just acquired a single pickup double cut Melody Maker. The serial number indicates it is a 1964. It is the yellow/black burst, but I thought they had switched to red by then? Also, I measure the scale length at about 23". Not 24.75, but not the 18.56 of the "3/4 scale" models. Not sure what is going on.


Any thoughts?


It came to me very cheaply, as it has a broken headstock, damaged Kluson tuners, a non-original wraparound bridge and a white cover on the pickup. I am repairing the headstock and have ordered replacement tuners, cover and bridge. At that point I will string it up and test it.


I had a "D" model back in the mid-80s. Don't remember the exact year but it was a red double cut. I liked the original pups and would not want to switch to a P-90. I already have a home-made Jr. and a Gibson LP Special.

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hey there,

Seems they were producing in Cherry Red by 1964 but they were also made in the burst in '64. I think by about 65 they were pretty much fully over to the cherry finish - so no problem there.

I have a '61 (like yours it had a headstock break at some time, changed tuners and was dirt cheap. Also had a brass nut on this one). I have replaced the tuners with Gotoh version of plastic button Klusons and it no longer neck dives and is even lighter than it was, and installed a bone nut. I considered a P90 but have found the original pickup to be a lot of fun (and its totally original wiring and electronics) so it has stayed.


By '64 I would reckon yours should have a bit different body shape - more pronounced pointy horns like you see on the cherry painted ones and a longer looking body, and the pick-guard would not tuck in around the bridge like mine does, but more aim down toward the bottom of the guitar. I measured from fingerboard edge of the nut to the 12th fret and it came in at 1/2 of 24.75 as it should. I'd only measure it that way and double the number, not measure to the bridge as the bridge on mine has been moved about a bit over the years (even set up lefty at some stage by the look of it). try that measurement approach if you didn't already (apologies if you know all that).


Enjoy - they are a cool little thing and nicely built back then too.




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