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Humming-J160E ?!


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Many of you have probably read my thread on recently picking up a 2016 Hummingbird Vintage and have been following along so i figured I'd post a little back story. I always wanted a Bird since i was in High School back in 1996-2000. I never could afford one (as a broke student)....anyway, I knew i wanted a Gibson at the least (even if it wasn't a Bird) ....I was able to track down a 1981 J-160E in my first year of college (2000)....I think i paid $1200 for it if i remember correctly. There was some top wood/finish damage (cosmetic only) around the stock pick guard...so being obsessed with the hummingbird looks i had a Bird guard put on. It came out OK but looking back i wish i would have never made the change an kept everything original (1981 is my birth year...and i know there is a thread on this board all about that!). anyway, i ended up playing it for a few years and then selling for a Martin (D-16RGT which was my workhorse). Wish i could get that J-160E back! I wonder who owns it and if it still has the bird guard. I even went as far as digging threw some old photo boxes so i could share the ONLY pics i have of her. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) is pictured holding it:


Pics from 2000/2001?








If i can remember I couldn't even afford the real Bird guard at first so i bought a similar guard in shape to cover the Finnish damage, and then was able to get the real bird guard (The one pictured in the top two pics)





anyway...hope you guys like the short story and pics! Was i stupid for changing the guitar from the original condition? Maybe, maybe not? Was i stupid for selling YES! But times were tuff! Maybe a member here owns her now :)

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The Epi Hbird probably sounds better than the J160, let alone how great the Gibson sounds. J160's are very cool, they just aren't the greatest sounding guitars, especially unplugged. Any wrongs you did getting rid of that Gibson has now been made right by getting that Hummingbird.

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You kept the right one. .............As far as the J160 goes, I like the acoustic sound, but when it's plugged-in it's not so hot. It was fine on some of those Beatle records, but not something I'd want to hear every time I plugged-in. Sounds like you're hunting for another guitar..,.lol...Just my view.

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