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I'm looking at a 2012 that is billed as a Standard Traditional. I've had a studio and special in the past but am less familiar with higher end models. This looks more like a Traditional Pro to me with the coverless zebra pickups . However, the photos I've found online of the 2012 Traditional Pro show chrome tulip tuning keys and I can't find a shot of the actual tuners and can't find on Gibson's page what they are. the headstock and logo look OK but the tone and volume knobs look different. I'd just like to know what I'm looking at and am a little paranoid about knock-offs. This is the second owner so not much info on the origin of the guitar. I'm pretty good with Martins teles/G&Ls but Gibson not so much. Thanks for any help.

post-46850-017531100 1460681945_thumb.jpg

post-46850-083085400 1460681955_thumb.jpg

post-46850-010993200 1460681966_thumb.jpg

post-46850-079569600 1460681975_thumb.jpg

post-46850-087569700 1460681987_thumb.jpg

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I think this was the GC order, based on my reading:




This looks like what I have, which may have been a Sam Ash exclusive:




Mine is differentiated by the zebra pickups and and the satin honeyburst finish. Obviously, I could be wrong. Regardless, I really like it. Thanks for the input.

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