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  1. Thanks for your reply.


  2. http://ultimateclass...-guitar-stores/ Gibson will manage imo, thats the latest Ive read.
  3. This is before Big Brother was endorsed by Fender. The SF bay area sound, the more popular bands used similar gear and used a similiar format. Simple catchy hook-melody and improv. The simplicity morphed no doubt and drew a nation in with its simplicity because it invited everyone to the celebration.
  4. I remember the studio double cuts came with that finish also, https://reverb.com/item/638946-gibson-les-paul-studio-double-cut-90s-green
  5. If you dont want to re-finish, grain fill etc, then just use a Gibson cleaner polish, im not sure why your set against that, the other alternative is Murphys oil soap or depending how bad naptha but that gets back to cleaning and polishing. The mahogany finished as such wont get a glass smooth finish anyway unless you fill it. Is the top maple?
  6. The natural binding and LP look great.
  7. Rev how come they are stacked as such, space?
  8. Yeah I get what your saying that SG looks good, that said the pick-ups being raised that high look different in the batwing guard especially without rings and covers its a visual appeal thing. They simply are not noticed with the rings as being as obvious.....anyway rock on.
  9. Foam out of the pick-up cases like SD folded works well, you'll have to play with it though for the right height as mentioned. I did a SG like this with BBs in it, I just didnt like that particular BB pick-up though, I dont think it made any discernable difference but if you do...easy mod, go for it. Imo theres not much difference in the 490s, 57s and so forth as they are balanced well and easy to dial in a tone, the non waxed unpotted pick-ups are different and different in that style pick-up mounting and I think they do make a bit of a difference as I tried the Seths in it also., Both t
  10. Congrats, nice SGJ, I think they sound and play great with the maple neck.....Good Luck.
  11. Look good, congrats! Hows it play?
  12. They are nice SGs -good year, the pick-up placement as you see is different. Feels and sound great thats whats important.
  13. As mentioned above, Gerlitz Guitar Honey, or if you want it darker, Fret doctor, they usually need to be cleaned and conditioned, frets polished and it will be straight.
  14. The LP Tributes are nice electrics. Take someone else with you who is familar with them if you can. Good Luck, play a few if possible. The 490 or 498 is a difference in output alnico II or V. The boards I condition anyway but I wouldnt worry about the boards unless theres visable shrinkage or something as a result of lacking humidity/dryness. Play a few since the 490s are slightly different, I still use a set but my bridge is 8.4 and neck 7.7. Its just a set I liked that balances well. .
  15. Im thinking you may be better off with ebay in getting away from the net of ebay/pay-pal. It seems to me if you use a merchant account you can have more control over the handling of payment and its methods. I haven't read far into it but Authorize.net contacted me about this and opening an account. Or Cybersource and e-payment which I havent compared the two. To me with ebay heres the problem, pay-pal is much too injected and invested in the buyer-seller process to the point of you simply have to figure in a larger loss every year...its imho an unlevel playing field that seriousl
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