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Epiphone Excellente 1999 - info and/or opinions?


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I posted in Epiphone forums also..


Hi guys, just after some info/opinions on an Epiphone Excellente 1999 - Korean made.


I have the chance to get one but am after some info. before i bite the bullet. I have just seen photos of this one but am yet to get my hands on it. Doesnt seem to be much info. out there.


It looks very similar to the original but have no idea of what its made of or any specs. Specifically after the neck specs i.e width and profile.


Any info would be great. Thanks in advance.

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The original square shoulder Excellente was the top of the Gibson/Epiphone line. I have only played two orginals - one which a friend owns and one which I ran across for sale last year which I should have jumped on right then and there. That guitar will hold its own against any Gibson jumbo produced during the same period.


There was, of course, a Custom Shop reissue and if I recall correctly an Epi Elitist version neither of which I have played. I am thinking though, if you are interested in a Korean-made model you should judge it on its own merits and not how it compares to an original.


Good Luck With It.

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OMG' date=' where's MOOSEGUY!!!??? He's the man when it comes to Epiphone Excellentes![/quote']




I am so relieved to know you are alive and still kicking. I, for one , just assumed that your unaccustomed silence was due to a hiatus with KS Daddy on a sunny beach in Margaritaville.


The Excellente inquiery has reached me and I have filled him in as best as I could on what a Korean

one versus the real thing is as I own both plus #7 of the 23 Bozeman Custom Shop reissues. Bottom line is that with few exceptions, you get what you pay for.


Best Regards,



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