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My first gibby. SG 61


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Having played it for a couple days and gotten a feel for it, tonight was "big setup night". Gibson had it playable, but all the adjustments had been made to compensate for nut slots that weren't cut anywhere near deep enough. With the thin neck profile it made the guitar feel rather nuts. To try & get the string height they had virtually no relief in the neck at all, and the bridge & pickups were sitting way high. Got out the nut files & brought every slot down to .005" - .006" above the first fret height. Put some relief in the neck, about .008" then adj'd the string & pickup height. Before putting the strings back on we polished the frets with some crocus cloth and oiled the fretboard. I then remembered in my parts stash there was a taller bridge pickup surround, so for a bit of that vintage SG vibe I swapped out the stock one. Still feels new, but plays much, much better. I forgot how killer an SG through a Marshall head is. Lotsa wankin' on that old Cream stuff afterwards.

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