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NGD. Gibson SG Special 70's Tribute


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Well.....I played this model when they first came out last year and really loved the sound of the mini humbuckers. It ran a close 2nd for best of the 2016 lineup, but for my 6'6 body that has monster hands, the volute rise kinda irritated my inner hand when playing open chords.


Fast forward a year later, and I'm cruising reverb (as most of us do) and BOOM - There is a satin black model with cream pick guard for 450$. Said he tried to get into the SG, but just coukdnt. Got it day before...no set up at all...high action , intonation. Took it to my guy, and now I have a screamer!! It still has that @smell" we all know and love. After a day of playing, I dint even notice the volute. TOTALLY stoked to have this and really pleased with the black bidy and cream and gold accents.

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