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Amp suggestion for Les Paul Ultra III


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I've recently ordered the Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III and am looking for suggestions regarding amps for this guitar.

Given that this guitar has 2 Probuckers and 1 Nanomag - which produces a near acoustic like sounds, am looking for amps which will help me utilize all the features of this guitar & I believe, i will require two amps - an electric & an acoustic to do so.


According to this video by Epiphone (link:

), One can use both the sounds from probuckers and nanomag by plugging it into the mono output jack. But If i am not wrong, one can use the probucker sound alone or mixed, but wont be able to use just the nanomag sound(acoustic) alone - correct me.

Inorder to do that one will require two amps and will have to connect the standard probucker output to electric amp & the nanomag output to the acoustic amp.


I am looking for upto 20W amps to be able to play at home or small outdoors.

have the following on my mind


Electric Amp:

  1. Roland Cube 20GX
  2. VOX VT20X
  3. VOX VT20+
  4. Peavey Vypyr VIP 1
  5. Fender Mustang 1 20W
  6. Roland Cube Street EX --- this one is 50W -- But portable
  7. any other ???

Acoustic Amp:

  1. Roland AC33 RW -- portable
  2. Laney LA20C
  3. any other ???

Am confused about which electric/acousting amp will be best for the Les Paul Ultra III

Do i need two amplifiers(electric + acoustic) or, will just one electric amp which can also model an acoustic amp get the job done.


Thanks in advance. Also do let me know your experience with the Ultra III





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I must confess, I believe that what you want is one single amp that meets all your requirements.

And that amplifier is the Peavey Vypyr VIP 2.


It's versatile, possesses great tones and effects, it's light-weight for such a power-house, and it is set up with the ability to switch from solid-body electric to acoustic to even bass guitar output.

(I have played all three thru it, and it delivers.)


And if you get the optional foot pedal with MIDI cable, you can control things right from stage front, and even use the looping function if you like.


I own this rig, and it's a very versatile tone machine.

I have used it live and in the music practice room in my house, and it's a really impressive package of technology and musical output for the price (two hundred bucks or so).





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Well I suppose we could get into - valve or solid state? The amps you listed are all good and I have used some of them. My experience with the ones I have used:


1. VOX VT20 - stopped working after a couple of weeks. Took it back to the store and they told me a few had come back with the same problem. Why did they sell it to me if they knew?? Bought the Mustang. The VT sounded sort of sterile.

2. Mustang - couldn't be f#$%^d with the FUSE software. Also sounded sterile. Bought a VIP 1.

3. Peavey Vypyr - couldn't be f#$%d again with the modelling and footswitch. Also sounded sterile. Onwards we went....to....

4. Bugera Infinium V5 - valve, no modelling, selectable output 0.1W, 1W & 5W but....couldn't get enough high end / treble. A very dark amp.


By now I realised I was losing $$$ offloading and buying again. So as I'm basically lazy (or time poor given the wife, kids, etc.) and can't be f@#$%d with all the new tech, I've stayed with the Bugera and effect pedals set up the old school way.


I've also got a Mesa Boogie 5:25 Express Plus which I love but doesn't get filthy enough for me. So I bought a Laney URT pre-amp....... and because I missed the Chorus on the modelling amps, bought a TC Corona.......and because I missed the flanger, bought an MXR micro flanger......and...and...


Anyway, all I can say is:


1. Take your time with this

2. Work out if you have the time to do the tech stuff with the modelling amps. I thought I did but.....

3. Try as many amps as you can - valve and solid state. Valve amps generally cost more for the same wattage and weigh more. Also, I don't know if a valve amp comes with modelling built in.


Having checked out the Ultra III, yeah, good luck with that too... Looks sh%t hot in the Midnight colour range!


This is my opinion only. Good luck.

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Thanks Guys for the information & help. appreciate your time. msp_smile.gif


I got to check out the Vox VT100X and it sounded awesome. So i guess the VT20X or VT40X will sound equally well.

I was able to check out a few Laney amps too.



Its difficult here to go checkout amps, i need to place an order to check them out. Most distributors dont have the stock.

I am also considering Blackstar ID:Core series - the online videos sound really awesome.


In all i may consider either of

  • Vox VT20X or 40X
  • Roland Cube 20GX or 40GX
  • Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 or 2
  • Blackstar Core Stereo 20 or 40
  • Blackstar Core Beam

I am seriously impressed by Blackstar Beam - it also has an option for acoustic - so does the Peavey - but i dont know how they sound in real.

Maybe i'l buy one of the above and then consider buying the acoustic amp later.


Do let me know if you have any experience with the above amps and your advice.


Thanks & cheers,


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Hi Dhiraj, was checking out the Ultra III in detail on the website. That's some hi-tech guitar, however at the risk of sounding simple, the output choices are either mono or stereo. From your post, I'm getting that you want run acoustic & electric sounds separately. If you're going to run full stereo, you will need 2 amps. If you're happy to run mono only, then you'll need a single amp. If a single amp (and not knowing how it will sound), you could use a 'Y' cable to couple both outputs to a single cable into the amp. Or, use an A/B switch to split the outputs into a single amp. That said, it will depend if you're going to run both the HBs & NanaMag on the same amp settings. Might work if you play clean only. You also have the option of switching the amp channels from clean to dirty - just means stepping on 2 pedals at once - if you know what I mean. Agree, start with a single amp & then decide. Let us know how you get on. Cheers

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