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Is this even a Gibson?


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These are some photos of my dad's guitar, he always said it was a Gibson, but I can't seem to find a model that looks like it at all. It kinda has that Melody Maker headstock (but no logo) and knob / toggle positioning, but the jack position looks wrong and it has two humbuckers, plus that pick guard is way different. It's quite possible it's not a Gibson, I really don't have a clue, but I'd love to know. My dad had this guitar a long time, it was covered in bumper stickers and pretty roughed up when he got it. It's really not pretty, but it plays well and sounds good for a guitar that had its headstock cracked on more than one occasion. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated, thank you in advance!











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Yes, I'd say 1962 (possibly 63) Melody Maker that's had the headstock well and truly smashed at some stage and been hot-rodded into a rock machine.

Pickups, bridge, tuners, knobs and I'd expect all electronics replaced by beefier stuff with more options to the player. Home made guard to work with humbuckers so will just have a cavity below so owner could put the knobs, switch and jack pretty much wherever they wanted and wherever they'd fit.

Should be a bit of fun - consider changing those Grovers to Kluson style lightweight tuners with plastic buttons (Gotoh do a good version) to reduce neck dive.

Rock on!

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