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Thought I'd Share...'cause I can't buy it.


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This is the pool from which I fish my best guitars. If I could, i would buy this, for 300 bucks less than the list with 15% discount, sand the top down to blonde, have it lacquered in satin, and have a helluva guitar for under $1800. I'm gassing for it but I just bought my beautiful old Guild M65 back in a private deal. Hope one of you non-perfectionists gets a stab at this. If I have a few drinks later I may grab it anyway.




Can't wait for my old 3/4 sized blond to get here. Hurry, FedEx!



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Would be a fun project if it sounded good and one didn't care about the square shoulders. [thumbup]

Most of those sound pretty good. I had one from that year that had it all, including being too pristine to play w/o turning myself into a furniture-buying grandma fussing over it. Hope the guy who bought it isn't plagued by the mint-o-phobia that I grew to feel😫

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