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Robot on ebay


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Hi John


Looks genuine and exactly like mine, don't be fooled by the £750 starting bid I suspect the reserve will be £1500 plus. Music Ground in Leeds have 2 of these for sale at £2200 so if the seller has done any research they will be aware of current asking prices. But maybe they are desperate for cash and you could grab a bargain, contact them through Ebay and try your luck.

BTW mine is a top quality instrument surpassing the playability and build quality of my 2008 LP Standard and that is not even taking into account the Robot technology. I purchased mine from Ebay and have been very happy with it.


Hope this helps you decide.



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So' date=' how many were made of the initial run and what did they sell for new? Do people think they will make a good investment in the short to medium term or will the continue to drop in price.





4000 were made in the first run LE. I got mine for $2100 U.S.. Retail was $2400.

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The frenzy seems to have died down a bit on e bay; A few months after they were launched they were going or a lot more than there original price.


I think in the long run (say over 20 years plus), if they go up significantly, is any bodies guess.

I imagine financially they will probably at least hold their own.


I think you should go for anyhow. They are great sounding and playing Les Pauls in their own right!



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